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Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti There should be a relationship sub forum. In which the threads automatically get moved to DT from the outset. I mean how many relationship threads end in anything other than DT or squirrling?
Quote: Originally Posted by Invicta I kind of chuckled at the plot until someone reminded me that Goldman Sachs has it's own private security force... So are mall cops mercenaries in your book too?
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack I ask for girls numbers when they're flirting with me and I think I have a chance. Them being single is implied. Yeah seriously you just feel it out. I feel like there's a disturbingly large portion of SFers who think that women/dating should be reducible to some sort of flowchart or algorithm.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso If the line between a Valentine's Day present and sexual harassment is not very, very clear to you then I think you should not be giving Valentine's Day presents to anyone. hahahaha
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel has it killed off Mike Jones yet? "Back then hos didn't want me, now I'm hot hos all on me/Back then hos didn't want me, now I'm hot hos all on me/Back then hos didn't want me, now I'm hot hos all on me/Back then hos didn't want me, now I'm hot hos all on me" God he sucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung Probably not what you expected. Watch the whole thing - no skipping - this documentary is all climax. Part 1 Part 2 Dude fuck you I haven't gotten shit done today because I've been watching that guy's damn documentaries. That uploader has so much interesting shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Apparently my sense of humour doesn't translate very well to the internet, or to real life for that matter. Anyway there's so much pretentiousness/arrogance on here that I can't imagine it matters whether or not you in particular you are.
Isn't there that place in Chelsea that sells vintage clothing from a more Men's Clothing than SW&D angle? I think it's quite pricey but the stuff is supposed to be good. I heard about it on SF a while ago but I've never gotten around to going.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Is this serious, because the first gal with the Golden Gate Bridge looks like someone I've seen before. Is she an actress? Yeah dude, it's serious. Watch the whole thing. Also the reason she looks familiar is probably because she's the same person who married the Eiffel Tower a couple years ago and so her picture was on the news at that time. That veoh uploader has a lot of interesting/crazy shit. Right...
That is some crazy shit.
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