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Quote: Originally Posted by Swag22 I tend to have a higher desire to have sex than her, as most men usually do. There are plenty of girls who are hornier than you are, just find them. It's worth keeping in mind that women can orgasm dozens of times in a day, as compared to what maybe 5 times for a guy if you really time/pace it right?
Quote: Originally Posted by TowleY So i brought a coffee pot back to college with me. When I make the coffee once and a while there is coffee grinds in the coffee, and almost always coffee grinds at the bottom of the pot. How do I fix this. I use a canned coffee, filter, water all the norm stuff. You're probably spilling some outside the filter or into the pot when you spoon the coffee in.
Make that deepthroat, I dyslexicized the title.
Quote: Originally Posted by chas In college we paid a friend $20 to eat a stick of butter rolled in salt and dipped in mayonnaise. He did it. Apparently one of my friend's pledge brothers who sort of dug a hole for himself at his frat during pledgeship had to eat a stick of butter covered in Copenhagen.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow This shit easily wins by a fucking mile for most disturbing and f'd up music video ever. It's called "Clowny Clown Clown" Holy shit dude by a fucking mile. I had no idea Crispin Glover was that crazy.
This should be the official American pastime, I feel.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Silverback That is because you do not know what racism is. "America" or "Americans" are not a race. No, but "American" can be a codeword for "white" a lot of the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Invicta So I saw the movie on Sunday, it gets a 1 &1/2 "mehs". I wouldn't say embarassingly bad, because the writers obviously gave Clive nothing to work with and he somehow manages to pull a two dimensional character out of what was a one dimensional plot, but yea, underwhelming. He's really good at that. I remember being struck by how much of an impression his character in The Bourne Identity made on me... apparently a movie about someone dying from a donkey punch. No, I'm not kidding:
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