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Just like Seinfeld, CYE is about social transgression. All of the other themes are pretty much instances of this.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 citi is offering $225 in various gift cards when you open a checking account. Yeah plus it's like your deposits are held in Treasuries.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie it is a non-issue Something I don't understand is how it appears numerous public figures use marijuana and are obviously in possession of large ammounts of it, and make public statements or reference their posession and use of illicit drugs yet appear to go unpunished for a crime they've essentially admitted to commiting. Because "admitting" to something in a public (or private) forum is not synonymous...
Yeah I reckon most of it is the result of successive markdowns- seasonal sales, clearance sales, department store brand clearance stores, Marshall's- every time a garment makes it to the next step in this process unsold, you'll see a price reduction. Hence the prevalence of stuff like bright tweeds and windowpanes as compared to navy blazers.
Lindisfarne is pretty cool
Why don't we legislate drug dosages too? I mean, this is a matter of ethics, not of a doctor evaluating an individual patient and making a decision based on his specialist knowledge!
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Those people are idiots. Seriously, any person should be happy to see another person using their time and energy to help, and that goes double for conservatives. Well also having a cellphone hardly qualifies you as well off. Some of the strongest growth in international handset sales (until recently anyway) has been in pretty poor countries. Also a lot of people get cellphones and forgo landlines. Despite...
Yeah but really Fannie and Freddie are carts hitched to the horse of cheap debt, no? And isn't the private subprime mortgage market much larger than the GSE's market cap?
Quote: Originally Posted by Swag22 I tend to have a higher desire to have sex than her, as most men usually do. There are plenty of girls who are hornier than you are, just find them. It's worth keeping in mind that women can orgasm dozens of times in a day, as compared to what maybe 5 times for a guy if you really time/pace it right?
Quote: Originally Posted by TowleY So i brought a coffee pot back to college with me. When I make the coffee once and a while there is coffee grinds in the coffee, and almost always coffee grinds at the bottom of the pot. How do I fix this. I use a canned coffee, filter, water all the norm stuff. You're probably spilling some outside the filter or into the pot when you spoon the coffee in.
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