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So apparently legislators from both parties in Congress are blocking funding for shutting down Gitmo until a "plan" is developed for where to put them. Now, can someone explain to me why we can't simply put them in supermax prisons (from which no one has ever escaped)?
Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS I remember reading the forums on tv.com and someone found the blog of the woman who plays Johnson and there was a post saying she wasn't asked to come back. I could believe that about Kimball and maybe Johnson, but Garcia come on, he was probably the funniest character.
Yeah Melatonin pills work. I like this stuff though http://www.drankbeverage.com/ . But honestly just get some good C. indica and you'll be set.
I'm going to say the same thing I say in all of these threads, which is about half flippant and half deadly serious: al co hol. Social interactions have needed lubrication for thousands of years, and fortunately our stone age forebears found the perfect solution. No need to reinvent the wheel. Find a group of people (hiking club, book discussion group, softball team, whatever). Some of them will go to an establishment that serves booze at some point. Go with...
Yeah I've been wondering that myself. Carlos Alazraqui posted a video that acknowledged his and the others' departure from the cast but didn't explain it at all. (http://37prime.wordpress.com/2009/04...st-the-lakers/)
I loved The Mummy, but I feel like this would be better if it was a little more in the Predator vein of action films than Transformer. Still, looks fairly promising for what it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton The article is not as bad as it looks at first glance. Greenspan is right to point out the role that foreign capital played in the asset bubble. But he goes too far in trying to say that monetary policy, if it didn't have nothing whatever to do with the bubble, at least was a second order cause that would have been swamped by the first order cause(s) no matter what. It would be nice if he had the honesty to say...
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 This says more about leverage than health. A lot of people could easily misread this. Well given the consumption-driven nature of the U.S. economy, and the debt-fueled nature of American consumption, I think they're pretty intimately linked. Also the 1929 twin to the 2008 peak, whatever it means, is concerning at best.
Err... am I missing something, or are bank robberies by women (of any faith or ethnicity) in headscarves not particularly common?
The White House and the Treasury aren't helping, but the current economic situation is twenty years in the making, not two months. Very good summary/historical contextualization[FT.com]. Particularly scary: Quote: : in the US, overall debt reached an all-time peak of just under 350 per cent of GDP - 85 per cent of it private. This was up from just over 160 per cent in 1980. Quote: In the US, core of the global market economy and...
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