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http://thelondonlounge.net/forum/vie...hp?f=42&t=9534 and some advice about posture when you are getting measured for the first time
Break, Blow, Burn: Camille Paglia Reads Forty-three of the World's Best Poems
42mm Hamilton, a bit bigger than the normal khaki, cost is right under $500
there is a 30 page thread on the street clothing re: gitman vintage http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=113367 and the store Context a sf sponsor sells them i've bought three from here, but they are down to only one style left http://www.carltonsapparel.com/index...categoryID=125 if you are ok with paying $150ish for a shirt, check out hamilton's rtw brand hamilton1883, good quality and at least the XLs are much more trim than the gitman vintage
reminds me of
Quote: Originally Posted by Newcomer Well, some of the prices are high... but... For some of us, he is the only source of Simmonot-Goddard, the only source for E.G. Capelli, etc. are there any capelli ties at the webstore? i see the drake's listed... oops, i guess they are the $195 listed with this text "hand made in Naples"
2007: Grenson MP - black captoe, tan wholecut 2009: Cleverley semi-bespoke black captoe, bespoke "high cut veldt"; EG black captoe 82 2010: to be delivered - EG TD austerity brogues 2010: to be ordered - Cleverley wingtips, G&G - not sure yet, anything but another pair of black captoes bought at Paul Stuart, Cleverley truck show in NYC, Leffot and a EG trunk show at Leffot
go to leffot, check out its website for pics all they do is sell shoes, and they only sell a few brands, one of which is EG
learn something new everyday, I thought for sure the op was some kind of crazy spam post i now know what a Mens Wolf Form is, and I want one!
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats ^ Both look great. Where did you get the quoddys from ? The Quoddy's were ordered direct via their website... took about 3 months
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