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Quote: Originally Posted by snarferer They all have bright red translucent buttons and either red, blue or green stitching around the button holes, depending on the color of the shirt. They are barrel cuffs and all have 3 buttons on the cuff. try the basics before attempting a shirt like this
here are some shell cordovans edward green's on the leffot webpage that are something to ponder
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower and forehead (hard for me to stop the waterworks once it starts up there) and the results have been impressive. do you apply directly to your forehead and it does not cause some kind of adverse reaction? asking b/c it says to "apply to underarms only"
Quote: Originally Posted by mmhollis Where can I find this magazine in NYC? i could not find it - they will ship it, but it is expensive - there is a deal for the first 6 issues for $150. I just did this and it took about 2 weeks for them arrive. What I have read so far is quite good, incidentally the paper quality is ridiculously good
not a style focused article, but he does patronize a few sf favorites "Wearing a double-breasted custom suit and a purple Charvet tie ("My only vice," Kelly once said about shopping for designer ties on sale)" "His shirts are custom-made and laundered at Geneva, a shirtmaker. His tailor is Martin Greenfield, a Holocaust survivor who fits many big-name but not-so-big-bank-account pols for Savile Row looking suits at Williamsburg...
Quote: Originally Posted by Newcomer So, I have been looking everywhere but have found almost no information. Does anyone know if there is a schedule for the Edward Green trunk shows in 2010? e! email skyvalet and leffot directly; what are you looking to see at a trunk show that you can't see at a normal store visit?
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd Only being delivered in September....... what kind of EG shoes are those?
the JV has a little bit to much going on, try the "Calf Skin Ago Oxford" on the same website I bought a pair of JV chukka's a fews years ago, they look ok but the leather soles were terrible and I had to replace w/ rubber vibrams try this one, i think it looks better in brown but here is a link to the black one
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Quote: Originally Posted by anon these are phenomenal Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Those shoes look great! Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Gorgeous. thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Does TD289 on the box mean that there have only been 289 shoes made under that program so...
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