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Quote: Originally Posted by jays978 I I have not realized my desire to be in the Investment Banking industry until about six months ago just out of curiosity what got you interested in investment banking?
Aldens for the wintertime, arrived a few months early
Quote: Originally Posted by xael /IMG] these are nice
gracious home, they have the whole package, it's only $2.5k http://www.gracioushome.com/webapp/w..._64677_-1___SE
during this hot spell in NYC i have given up on the jacket, still wear tie
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni Excellent shoes. Thanks for posting the pictures. KB lives!
that video and the other 2 on your website are great, sf loves this kind of stuff, so post more!
unless you work at timex I can't imagine when either version would not be fine
what is the dress code at your new job?
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