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have you checked out a mtm shirt maker that takes both chest and waist measurements in their calculations?
of the two go for the horse ridding version - the contrasting pockets and patches of the military one will get old quick for what it's worth I have the summer bicycle jacket (non-wax) which I really like
more pics and details regarding the shirt please... rare to see an actual AK Quote: Originally Posted by mmkn Fresh out of the box, test driving this thing of beauty . . . Suit - Jon Green Shirt - Alexander Kabbaz Tie - Jon Green Square - Tom Ford Shoes - Giorgio Armani - M
so why was Mina banned? i'm guessing her post was considered an advertisement? One of a series of short films by Chris Floyd featuring well dressed men and their approach to the daily ritual of dressing. Commissioned for The Sunday Times Style Online. This on features Patrick Grant of Norton & Sons
Quote: Originally Posted by SpallaCamiccia I don´t know but would like to know, what do you people suggest? Sometimes things get lost in translation. If you really want a Finamore shirt go through a store not direct.
My Bay-Lou's A pair of dark oak on 82 - TD, 6 months of weekly wear
Quote: Originally Posted by jays978 I I have not realized my desire to be in the Investment Banking industry until about six months ago just out of curiosity what got you interested in investment banking?
Aldens for the wintertime, arrived a few months early
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