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interesting... more info please - are there classes or all self-directed workouts? Quote: Originally Posted by suited It was a nice find, that's for sure. Eh, not really. We do some crossfit movements, but the two owners aren't big fans of traditional crossfit, for numerous reasons.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH +1 They do and they prefer it. so besides FSC who else? Brooks Brothers GF MTM JPress MTM
Quote: Originally Posted by juuceman Salvatore- Any idea when your friend Solito will return to NYC with the jacket I ordered (in your hotel room) and paid him a deposit on 18 months ago? I'm having the same problem... is anyone else counting on Solito to return?
Nice article. Is Freeman's Sporting Goods the easiest way to get a MTM Greenfield suit made?
I recommend B. Nelson at the address listed for VIP, the 1226 6th Ave location is no more. The 55th street store itself does not say "B. Nelson" in its sign at least what I can recall. I have had several mid to high level rtw shoes worked on there all with good results.
Great line from one of Dan's responses to a comment on his blog ...Bentley and flies private. One of the clients I style lives this kind of lifestyle - ... there has to be a better way to saying that
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Needless to say, I did not see the entire city or even close. I More to come. this and the other, great trip report - thanks
You know your brother, just make sure you are buying something he wants not something you want him to have.
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