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I had not heard of this company before today, their stuff looks pretty good. I am not in love with the different fabric on the blade, but worth checking out if you are looking for another option from the standard cappelli, drakes, etc. http://generalknot.com
is this a special gilt thing? i don't see it on their website - can someone post a link
DQ? Dairy Queen?
shop the finest has a warehouse in LA you can visit. They have loads of incotex http://www.shopthefinest.com/t-warehouse.aspx
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I like this. Is he one of the brothers who helped start Barker Black? I think they are doing their own MTM suits now is that right? In NYC? Anyone have deets? bespoke: three fittings, sport coats starting at $2200, suits at $3200. http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2011/...2%80%99s-oath/
Breitling Transocean - get the black face and leather band Expensive without going into Patek territory. A sports watch that is not over sized.
$300 Incotex cargo shorts!!!! http://www.mrporter.com/product/300959
sounds like a cool place, thanks for the summary
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