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i think i remember someone writing that men's ex was available on the ipad - has anyone tried this? any reviews?
It's worth it to get them chain stitched, if you are in LA check out SF affiliate Self Edge - it should be about $25I had two pair done at their NYC location
If you have never seen this it is work a look - Steve Jobs introducing the IPhone in 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftf4riVJyqw&feature=related
agree on the wire, you can set it up via most bank's websites, you don't even have to go to a branch
yes @park av. lasek they are upfront about the trade off. The basic idea is when you "shave" the eyeball, this eliminates the potential side effects that go with cutting a flap (e.g. the flap does not heal perfectly when it is put back) But you have to wait for the eye to naturally regenerate the area that was shaved for the blurriness to go away. It is my understanding that when you cut a flap you are back to near perfect in 2 or 3 days. My recovery was After surgery...
check out http://www.parkavenuelasek.com/ i had my eyes done there late December 2010. At that time there where 3 packages costing 4,5 and 6k. Each of them use the same technique where the cornea is "shaved" and not cut. It took a good 2-3 weeks for the blurriness to go away, but after that it has been crystal clear, 20-20, no dry eyes and no other problems. The other thing worth recommending this place is that there is one doctor, the owner who does all the...
on the SL website under "creations" -> men's shoes - classic; there is a cordovan PTB - do anyone know if this is available RTW or is SL a bespoke only operation? Any idea on price... a smaller range than 3-5k ?
As with a lot of "glamorous" jobs there is a lot of competition for a relatively few number of positions This means: 1. Connections are supper important 2. Expect competition from ivy league types 3. Near poverty wages for your first few jobs The good news is that these kind of jobs attract a lot of flakes (including some of the ivy types), so if you show up, on time, with a good attitude you can stand out from the crowd. p.s. work for free to get your foot in the door
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred H. Robert Barakett @ Nordstrom. A little on the expensive side, BUT very nice hand. thanks, i never heard of this brand before i will check out
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Ok, I'm officially open for MC business. i am looking for a source of plain loopwheeled tee-shirts in larger sizes than usually available - my jacket size is 46-47 long. The best fit (and quality) was a XXL made for Nike LW tee-shirt that has minimal text on the front. My goal here is to have 3 or 4 great tee-shirts instead of a hamper full of junk. I only wear tee-shirts on the weekends.
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