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I want these... emailed RL headquarters and they had no clue, anyone see in stores???
Quote: Originally Posted by Detour Clothing Store I like the Save Khaki slim ones. Great fit, great price...super soft! hi i was going to recommend Save as well, I don't see them listed on your website...?
I was a big B Nelson fan, was going to drop some shoes off this past monday afternoon and they were closed & the phone # was disconected so, based on a few SF recomendations I tried Jim's on 59th. I really liked the Joh. Rendenbach leather soles that Nelson's offered, it is too bad that they are gone.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmhollis I'd agree with just buying the subscription it's a huge discount. On another note, anyone know of a place in NYC where I can purchase Men's Ex or Leon? Hi you can buy pretty much any Japanese magazine at Kinokuniya New York Main Store 1073 Avenue of the Americas (Bet. 40th and 41st St), New York, NY 10018 phone: 212-869-1700/ fax: 212-869-1703 Store hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm (Mon-Sat)/ Sun 11:00am -...
dropbeats... you are interviewing for your first job? from a point of view your suit is not so hot, but don't worry about it. Worry about showing up at the interview with some idea about what the company is doing, and what the job is. If you go with the suit you have, get your Mom or girlfriend to hem the pants with safety pins, if you want to blow your $250 check, think about something like...
you said "they dont have anything smaller at the center" - so you got the suit for free from a job center?
I was thinking the same thing, reading voxsartoria's thread on Steed bespoke... they list a two-piece semi-bespoke for 775 GBP, which is about 1,100 USD; are there tailors in NYC that offer Steed quality MTM for about the same price?
Context had them, their website still shows pictures but they are listed as sold out you can see some of the stuff at blue bee... but the travel kit is listed at $160, that's the "dopp bag" I got at the JS for $105
from 1 month ago filson small duffle = $245 dopp bag = $105
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