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Hi Try this, I am assuming that the 8 guys are spread out over the country? So pick a nationwide chain like Men’s Warehouse or Jos A Bank. Go to the store and buy one of the suits you want everyone to wear. Get all the suit info, like model name or id number so everyone can go to their local store and buy the exact same suit. Buy a gift certificate for the amount of each suit and send that out to each guy (maybe write the suit model on the certificate so they can’t...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nexus6 Just a thought, but.. Perhaps they declined because putting the shoes back on the last may cause the leather to tear? ..and they didn't want to risk delivering the 'coup des gras' on your shoes? It was surprising more than anything else... like everyone else I have seen the before and after pictures of factory recrafting, I guess I kept the shoes looking good with regular polishing and always using...
just to note, I sent 3 pairs of cordovan Aldens back to the factory to re-craft... 2 pair were returned with notes saying "Due to the following conditions we find that we cannot restore these shoes... Deterioration or excessive wear of upper and/or lining leather." The returned shoes were well worn, but by no means worn out.
GQ, Details, Men's Vogue (RIP) and Esquire are really, really weak when it comes to men's fashion. There is more good stuff in a Men's Ex or Leon before the masthead, then in an entire GQ, etc. However, if you can't read Japanese, you are basically getting a $20 "look book." I saw in another thread, someone suggested that Men's Ex or Leon could/should publish an international version in english... does anyone have any idea how to at least suggest something like this...
i bought a gitman vintage from here http://www.carltonsapparel.com/index...categoryID=125
the wings and horns x dayton service boots
Quote: Originally Posted by itsjustadrian there aren't any w+h stockists in ny. i think your best bet would be roden gray. thanks my next question... should I buy $700 boots over the internet?
is there any place in NYC to buy the Wings + Horns Dayton Service boot?
affiliate "shop the finest" (see link at top of page) has a bunch of Finamore/Barba/Borrelli type shirts in all sizes.... all for well under $200
how about these... i have a pair, nice boots, with the worst, cheapest sole, even the morning dew would soak through. I got them re-soled at the late, great B Nelson w/ rubber Vibram and have had no problems John Varvatos Aged Ankle boots
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