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GQ, Details, Men's Vogue (RIP) and Esquire are really, really weak when it comes to men's fashion. There is more good stuff in a Men's Ex or Leon before the masthead, then in an entire GQ, etc. However, if you can't read Japanese, you are basically getting a $20 "look book." I saw in another thread, someone suggested that Men's Ex or Leon could/should publish an international version in english... does anyone have any idea how to at least suggest something like this...
i bought a gitman vintage from here
the wings and horns x dayton service boots
Quote: Originally Posted by itsjustadrian there aren't any w+h stockists in ny. i think your best bet would be roden gray. thanks my next question... should I buy $700 boots over the internet?
is there any place in NYC to buy the Wings + Horns Dayton Service boot?
affiliate "shop the finest" (see link at top of page) has a bunch of Finamore/Barba/Borrelli type shirts in all sizes.... all for well under $200
how about these... i have a pair, nice boots, with the worst, cheapest sole, even the morning dew would soak through. I got them re-soled at the late, great B Nelson w/ rubber Vibram and have had no problems John Varvatos Aged Ankle boots
The Spring edition is out... It's about half the size of the last one, but the same price $9.95
Ambrosi is a pants only tailor?
All the EG list a "XXL" option...what are the sizes on these? I did not see XXLs listed when they where originally posted on your blog thanks
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