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so, does anyone know somebody in the Japanese magazine business to get the English men's ex idea off the ground? also, there is one american magazine called "Antenna" which kind of follows the men's ex idea where most of the content is unstaged clothes - unfortunately 99% of the stuff is Bathing Ape type stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcc123 I have to disagree with most of you that a magazine like Men's Ex would do well here in the States. If you bothered to look at the magazine closely you would see that it's built on a different business model. Most crapazines in the states are built on an Ad based revenues model whereas magazines like Men's Ex are built on a subscriptions based revenues model. Agree with all of this, but... why can't...
A half-hearted attempt; only medium widths, same pictures as their main website, only basic colors but here it is... http://us.estore.johnlobb.com/
MC keeps me focused on a good fit, it could be debated... but I think bad fitting suit looks worse than bad fitting jeans... whatever, both forums for the most part focus on quality over the traditional b.s. brand names, which is a good thing
I had a pair of Bass Blucher Mocs a long time ago, and have been looking for a replacement but keep running into problems. The most recent indignity is RL creating the perfect copy, but they put a terrible logo on the heel... my options are attached below, if anyone knows of another company making something like what I am looking for please let me know... any opinions appreciated! My guidelines 1. Made in USA 2. Color should be dark olive/tan (the RL is a perfect...
try a Japanese magazine like Men's Ex or Leon... nothing but page after page of suits, shirts, shoes, etc.
In the USA, at least for large "Fortune 500" type companies, drug tests before you start working are a standard thing. Usually, you interview with a company and if they like you and offer you a job, sometime after the job offer, but before you start working you either go to the company's office and a company employeed nurse gives you a test or you go to a drug testing company like Quest Diagnostics and take a test. In my career (banking), I have never heard of someone...
I have to think any kind of punching bag would be really difficult to pull off in an apartment, unless you are living in some kind of cast iron loft or something. As far as attaching a 100lb bag to a wall, the amount of hardware, and how deep into the wall you would have to anchor it...
Granted, part of point of hitting a heavy bag is the movement of the bag and getting used to hitting a moving target. However, think about having an attachment from the bottom of the bag to the floor like this The bungie cord will keep the bag moving, but not rocking back and forth.
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