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i buy the Marcoliani 80/20 ExtraFine Merinos from Alex, if you are going to pay retail for expensive socks they work well
I have found Alex K at custom shirt 1 to be very responsive, going so far as to call me at home to review an order. I am sure if you describe what you are looking for he could help.
how can you say no to these?
go to a bespoke shoe place like lobb or cleverly and buy a wallet or something - most of that stuff is made in house so you get something nice, see a real live bespoke shoe store and chit-chat with the proprietors
there are several different options w/ lining, # of folds, etc. which did you chose? maybe that was the wrong one for what you where looking for? for my money they are nice, but could be constructed sturdier
Yes and no Yes: The Crossfit games attempt to test athletes against a large range of skills (as listed above endurance, strength, flexibility.) Given the word "fittest" is not an exact measurement, I think any honest review of the Crossfit games is that it is a pretty good attempt at finding the "Fittest Person in the World" No: In most countries, extra ordinary athletes are funneled into competitive sports where the cash payoffs are the greatest. The Crossfit games are...
you could try a small or medium filson duffel or something lighter in canvas or heavier in leather I have...
i think i remember someone writing that men's ex was available on the ipad - has anyone tried this? any reviews?
It's worth it to get them chain stitched, if you are in LA check out SF affiliate Self Edge - it should be about $25I had two pair done at their NYC location
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