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Beautiful ties. Good luck selling
Typically, it is re-listed again next season full price.
Agreed. I have to wait till the 50-60% markdown + a code to get the same prices as they were a few years back.
Where are you from?
Ya, I keep my eye on Yoox a lot but they I've never seen one in a small. Farfetch have them occasionally, but never great prices. I succumbed to the idea of paying more than I wanted and finally bought a summer weight one, but always looking for more
Anyone know how long this code will be good for?
cheap Drakes http://www.mrporter.com/Shop/Sale/Designers/Drakes
CJ Chukkas size 11 $199 http://www.barneys.com/Crockett-Jones-Chukka/502289008,default,pd.html?cgid=men&index=12
Title says it all. Looking for a new or used Cucinelli vest in a size small. Any color, any weight. PM me if you have anything. Thank you
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