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Second that, happened to me a few weeks ago, I was having trouble checking out on their phone app so I called CS. The lady said the boots had literally been sold minutes before I tried to order them. Later that day, I tried again, charging to my CC and not Paypal and it now I have the boots.
Any codes for today?
Sending a PM nowThank you for the sound advice.Thought I'd bring some humor during this festive time of year
$35 and you got a deal
Unfortunate, but it was her first time flying. I can not blame her, it was nearly 10 hours since he had last gone to the bathroom. I have to say she was damn sneaky about it I will keep this updated and post pictures once I receive the bag after cleaning.
Thanks, I just sent them an email
So, I was very unlucky traveling a couple of days ago. I was flying home a couple of days ago with my dog along side of me. On the second flight I had my bag was a little wet. At first, I though my dog had drooled on it but then realized she had pissed all over it. I have searched on here for some leather guidance, but I don't know if this is even salvageable.
Taking a loss on these. Bought as Christmas gift to myself but they are a size to small. Tried them on and knew right away they wouldn’t work. Specs: Subtle Chocolate Suede Brass Suede Brush Dark Grey Laces Light Brown Laces Suede Laces Comes with shoe bags. $370 SHIPPED PM me regarding questions
if only that Cantarelli was a 36
Someone grabbed a bunch of Cucinelli items I wanted minutes before I tried buying them. I tried checking out and the order wouldn't go through so I called yoox and the lady said someone had just purchased them. If anyone picked up the suede boots in us7 or the cashmere jacket in 36 and they don't work out PM me.
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