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Up for grabs are some beautiful ties. 1. Brooks Brothers Fair Isle Lana Wool Knit Length- 55.75 in. Width- 2 in. $25 Shipped CONUS 2. Gitman Bros. for Neiman Marcus Cashmere Length- 57 in. Wdith- 2.5 in. SOLD PM me regarding questions
iIs it just me or are yoox prices becoming increasingly worse? i've seen less at decent prices and more nearing retail, if not more. I saw some alden indys for over $800
Up for grabs is a Rag & Bone light flannel in a forest green check. Is a medium, but fits slim. Has a small bleach stain on the inside of the cuff, but is unnoticeable when worn. Haven't worn it much as its not my style. Color is most accurate to second photo Measurements: Shoulders: 17 in Chest: 20 in Sleeves: 24.25 in Length: 29.75 in $40 SHIPPED CONUS
Beautiful NWT Incotex summer weight lana/mohair blend in a medium grey. The combination of the weave and color or these make a great appearance to the eye. SPECS: 85% Lana Wool/15% Mohair Lined to knee Pick stitching MEASUREMENTS: Waist: 14.5 in. Length: 46 in. Leg Opening: 7.5 in. Front Rise: 10.5 in Sold PM me regarding questions
Some serious tie porn
Someone told me to contact you regarding this topic. I got the bag fixed at another place recommended. I will post pictures soon.
I have a NWOT Thom Browne 100% Cashmere beanie. Bought it online, took the tags off and tried it on when I got it. Just fit my small head It is made by the famous Caerlee mills in the UK. This cashmere has a very soft hand and thick too. I really wish I could keep it, but it has been sitting in my closet long enough. $100 SHIPPED CONUS PM regarding questions
I'd kop if those were two sizes smaller. Those will clean up real nice
I read this in other threads on here and other forums. I have already buffed them a lot, how long do I have to freaking buff these beauties?The only reason I could see this would be true is Alden is an American brand. Though, I highly think C&J leathers are just as good as Aldens if not better. I am no expert in leathers and this especially goes with Cordovan, but from what I've heard makes me believe this.
I got these a couple weeks ago and the second time wearing them got caught in the rain. Luckily, it wasn't a downpour but after getting indoors noticed these dot like marks. I didn't touch them and let then dry with the shoe trees inserted thinking after a day or so they'd go away. A week after the rain and they are still like this. I am not sure if this is due in part because of the rain or something else. I have searched on here and Ask Andy with no real luck. Also, I...
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