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30% off on some new F/W items. Are any of yours guys items disappearing then reappearing? Typically only a few items in my dreambox get returned and pop back up, but this time multiples are disappearing and others are appearing. I am guessing it is because of Sandy. I really had my eyes set on a certain item that now says Sold Out
Mine was shipped just a few hours ago
Looking to buy new or used Brunello Cucinelli jackets or vests for the upcoming winter. PM if anyone has anything. Thank you
These arrived today from Yoox. Thought these would be Incotex's mainline but tag says they are made in China. I have searched around the forums a bit to try and distinguish whether it is their diffusion line Ivory. If anyone can help be much appreciated!
The 15% is taken off once you checkout. Finally grabbed my down jacket I'd been waiting for. Lets hope it fits
I get where you're coming from but obviously I want to save some money if it's possible
anyone know when a new code might come around? I've waited for a code for a few items and they are now sold out. I dont want to lose my chance on others.
This was a gift and is to big for me. Measurements: Chest- 21 in. Shoulders- 17 in. Length- 30.5 in. Sleeves- 24 in. SOLD Message me regarding questions
New Posts  All Forums: