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Looks like it was removed
1. Armani Collezioni Mignight Blue Suit I bought this a few years ago for my sisters wedding, and wore it one more time. Not my style. Peak lapels, one button, tonal stripes. Measurements: Jacket: Shoulders: 17.25 in Chest: 19 in Sleeves: 24 in BOC Length: 29.5 in Pants: Waist: 15 in Length: 38 in Leg Opening: 8.25 in $250 Shipped CONUS 2. 38 Hugo Boss Cashmere/Wool Brown Sportcoat Measurements: Shoulders: 17.25 in Chest: 20.25 in Sleeves: 26 in BOC Length: 29.5...
Is this one available?
Sorry, was a typo with length. It is actually 39''
Great stuff, especially the first three.
Good deal on a Sartorio DB for a US44 http://www.yoox.com/us/41281156PL/item?dept=samplesaleman#sts=sr_samplesaleman80&cod10=41281156PL&sizeId=6
Beautiful Brunello Cucinelli chambray pocket square. Perfect for any summer look as it goes with pretty much any outfit. $65 Shipped CONUS
I had been waiting for a good discount. I've been eyeing some more PT01's
I heard of this place, www.damichele.net/, through another forum post. Seems like there are way to many good places to try in such a short amount of time.Thank you, both places sound very appetizing. Is Cibreo more pastas or meats?I love truffles, where is Lucca in comparison to Lucca? Are there any other places to get good truffles?
You could stack the codes?
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