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I have reluctantly decided to sell these. Unfortunately, I can't keep justifying it when they no longer fit. This is Brunello's classic pant in a warm, thick mid-grey flannel. Grab one of Cucinelli's classic are a fraction of the price. Measurements: Waist: 30.5'' with 1.5'' to let out Rise: 9'' Inseam: 27.75'' Thigh: 10.5'' Leg Opening: 6.5" Cuff: 2'' $150 Shipped CONUS PLEASE READ BEFORE PM'ING: If you need international shipping. I only ship express which is an...
Bringing another batch of top notch jackets from Boglioli. Some 100% cashmere and some 90% cash/10% silk blends. Pick your poison. 1. 100% Cashmere Salmon Herringbone 38/48R Functional buttons, patch pockets, double vent Measurements: Shoulders: 18 in. Chest: 20.75 in. Sleeves: 26.25 in. Waist: 19 in. BOC Length: 30 in. $375 Shipped CONUS 2. 90% Washed Cashmere/10% Silk Green w/ subtle Blue Check 40/50R Functional buttons, patch pockets, double...
These are two new with tags wool/silk/linen blends from Boglioli in their classic K Jacket model. The hands on these are extremely soft and available in a light blue and brown guncheck. The sleeves come finished with functioning button holes as is traditional with Boglioli. 1. Light Blue Guncheck 42/52 R Measurements: Shoulders: 18.5 in. Chest: 22.25 in. Sleeves: 26.5 in. Waist: 21 in. BOC Length: 31 in. SOLD 2. Beige/Dark Brown Guncheck 40/50...
This is a new with tags 100% washed cashmere k jacket from Boglioli. The grail jacket from this line, get it brand new for dirt cheap cause these are $2,500+ The hand on this jacket is phenomenal, you won't be disappointed in this mid-grey jacket. Functional buttons as is typical with Boglioli. Measurements: Shoulders: 18.5 in. Chest: 22.5 in. Sleeves: 27.25 in. Waist: 20.5 in. BOC Length: 31 in. SOLD
@mortgagebank Correct, it is measured from bottom of collar. Shooting you a PM now.
Last of the OG Carson Street Clothiers sportcoats available at a steal. Made up in a fantastic summer weight Loro Piana fabric, 70% wool/15% linen/15% silk Sleeves still basted. Sizes Available 36, 38, and 44 36 Measurements: Shoulders: 17 in. Chest: 19 in. Waist: 18.25 in. Sleeves: 25 in. Length: 29.5 in. 38 Measurements: SOLD 44 Measurements: Shoulders: 18.25 in. Chest: 22.5 in. Waist: 21.25 in. Sleeves: 26.5 in. Length: 31 in. $150 Shipped...
Wrong size listed. Will post correct listing tomorrow.
Up for grabs are two NWT Eidos Napoli Donegal Corduroy Jackets. This is the Tipo model from the FW ’15 collection. - Basted sleeves - 100% Cotton - Non-vented back Size 42 Measurements: Shoulders: 18.5 in. Chest: 21.5 in. Waist: 20.25 in. Sleeves length: 27 in. BOC length: 32 in. $200 Shipped CONUS International shipping will be an additional $30
More NWT Salvatore Piccolo jackets in that gorgeous forest green flannel. I have two left for grabs. The gorge, roll of the lapels, and shoulders are beautiful. Functional buttonholes. Size 40/50 Measurements: Shoulders: 18.25 in. Chest: 21 in. Sleeves: 25.5 in. Length: 30.25 in. Size 44/54 Measurements: Shoulders: 18.5 in. Chest: 22.5 in. Waist: 21 in. Sleeves length: 26.5 in. BOC length: 30.75 in. BOTH SOLD International shipping will be an additional $30.
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