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I'll play. You could also rename this post "Things I want, but can't afford at the moment" 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
I was there last week and didn't see anything worthwhile. Where are these Zegna sportcoats?
Someone should kop and place on B&S!
No 11.5 in the carmina penny loafer. Was hoping to add these to the rotation. Should I go ahead and pick up the C&J Sydney, which is my back up plan, or is there a chance there might be a restock at some point? Also, I've asked this before and didn't really get an answer, but is it possible to request a shoe that you've posted online as incoming in size 11.5uk? I'd even be willing to provide a deposit. I don't want to pay the MTO charge on a shoe you regularly carry just...
Would definitely be interested in a snuff suede penny loafer. Also, please start stocking 11 and 11.5 Uk again or at least give us a chance to preorder sizes of upcoming orders. So many nice shoes that I can't spend my money on!
Bought it online, but it just doesn't fit right. Looking to get back what I paid. Measurements: Pit to pit: 25" Shoulder to shoulder: 20"
I've noticed that you guys have recently been stocking new models up to size 11UK. Any chance of bigger sizes in the future?
Can you provide leg opening and knee width measurements for the light grey light weight Rotas in size 48?
What's the up charge for the Rota MTO? Any possibility of group MTOs to eliminate the upcharge?
Hey Greg, Can you provide the shoulder measurements for this shirt in size 16? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/t-mason-blue-red-gingham-shirt-buttoned-collar-2050.html
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