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Wow, Eidos navy hopsack completely sold out. So upset I sat on the 54. I don't suppose there's a chance of a rerun
Yes, I'm referring to the spot in the top right hand corner. The shoes are Crockett and Jones Westbournes. Here's a clearer pic. Thanks for the help!
How can I get rid of these spots? I have a few throughout this pair. I've tried Saphir reno, one coat of cream polish plus a coat of wax, I've tried vinegar and distilled water. Any ideas?
Those are some exorbitant prices. Who's the tailor? You can fly to one of the US trunk shows for Steed, NSM, etc. for less than that.
Does Antonio check this thread anymore? Would be interested in hearing about the new Bloomies fit before I take the plunge and order that houndstooth blazer.
Picked up my first pair of EGs (Doak Galway) and was wondering what you guys do before first wear. Some saphir renovateur, nano protector, polish...? What's your general go to?
Rota green linen
So you'd recommend going with the same as my Simpson size in the 2102b? Do you have any other Carminas for comparison?
I'm looking for suggestions for mid level wool trousers in the $150-300 range. I'm typically an incotex or rota guy, but I'm looking for more affordable options. I know Howard Yount is a forum darling, but my one experience was horrible and I'm not looking to try again. Ditto for Luxire's customer service and quality control. Anyone have experience with SuitSupply trousers, both the regular and Jort lines? How do Kent Wang trousers compare to others? Any other suggestions?
Is that first eidos piece a suit or sportcoat?
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