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@Newc Is this the tie you're wearing?
Up for sale is a beautiful and wonderfully comfortable/warm Inis Meain 30% Cashmere/70% Wool fisherman's hat. Price includes free shipping to North America. Please PM for overseas shipping quotes.
Or a preview/teaser to keep the masses satisfied...
Does anyone have any in the wild shots of the NMWA houndstooth fresco suit? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-blue-mini-houndstooth-fresco-suit-8-9-oz-wool.html
Interest check before I post to B&S and Ebay. I have a pair of Carmina brown leather double monks on the Simpson last size 11.5UK purchased from The Armoury. They were a limited make up featuring a little bit of rusticalf on the upper. No longer available for sale. It's very subtle and can be seen on these photos if you look closely enough. See here for a pic and little write up by the Armoury dudes...
Great sport coat. Regret sleeping on the Eidos sport coat offerings this winter.For the NMWA team, any previews/teasers as to what we can expect from Eidos @ NMWA in terms of sport coats for spring/summer?
How did you size the overcoat? Size up to fit a sportcoat underneath. Tried a 44 in the Merano which fit perfectly without a sportcoat but didn't work with one.Should I go with a 44 or 46 in the Bleecker?
Deets on the sweater?
Any chance of posting measurements for size 54 in the SB and DB coats?
I would love a staple navy or charcoal eidos double breasted overcoat. Same styling as is available but not in casentino. Not a huge fan of the casentino. Plain navy wool ulster.
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