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Does extra15 still work? Couldn't get it to work on a sale tie.
Just got a new set of trousers from Luxire and I'm dialling in my measurements and slowly getting to where I want to be.I was hoping to get some advice as to how to alter my pants going forward. As you can see, my main problem area is the extra fabric just below the seat.The pants may be too tight for some (I'll be adding a bit throughout the leg), but I'm specifically looking at the area below the seat.I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but hopefully they'll...
Burnished brown hatchgrain?I posted one a few days ago in the Skoaktie thread from the Carmina Instagram. The one pictured is forest last.https://instagram.com/p/jCOprQotnW/?modal=true
Any interest in the 757 cognac grain split toe blucher on the Forest last as a GMTO? From Carmina IG: https://instagram.com/p/jCOprQotnW/?modal=true
Ordered a pair of pants and am pretty happy with the fit. Just have to adjust the rise a bit because the undercrotch is a bit tight. I was just going to add an inch to the front rise. I want to keep the length otherwise the same. Do I add one inch to front rise and subtract one inch from inseam length all while keeping the pant length the same?
Any plans for an MTM event in Toronto's GotStyle?
Hoping someone could give me some sizing advice. Simpson 11.5 UK (probably the best fitting) Soller chukkha 11 Rain I can fit into an 11, but it's a bit tight, 11.5 requires an insole Inca 11. A little roomier than the Rain filadelphia 11 Uetam 11.5 Robert ? Forest ? Looking at some split toe bluchers in either robert or forest
As per Foxhunt, those are from a store in Australia. Forest last, grain calf. Leaves, is that the approximate colour of the one's you have incoming? Are yours grain or natural calf?
Don't see it on the North American online store. Can you provide the link?
Measurements for size 41 in the blue please.
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