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I hear ya! It can be dangerous. Thankfully for my wallet (unfortunately for my shoe addiction), Skoak has stopped carrying large sizes as stock, so my late night purchasing has certainly been curtailed.
For those who shop at Harry Rosen, I'm looking to get rid of a gift card. Check out my listing in Buy & Sell or shoot me off a PM. http://www.styleforum.net/t/470395/harry-rosen-gift-card
Looking for some fit advice on my pants order. These are my second pants from Luxire and the fit is close to spot on, but there are two obvious problem areas: the diaper butt and the creases below the waistband. Any advice as to what modifications to make? Ignore the shirt, this is my first shirt order from Luxire and there are definitely fit issues that I'll need t address in subsequent orders.
Greg, anyway you could show some fit pics of the Eidos field coat in size 52 and 54? I know you've recommended sizing down in the coat, while Antonio has been adamant that the coat should be bought in one's true Eidos size. I'd like to see how this actually translates visually.
Shoot! Just went in to order some VBC pants only to find that the discounted prices expired. Oh well, my wallet will thank me.
I have $240.39 on a gift card to Harry Rosen that I'm looking to sell. Obviously, I'm looking for $230 Canadian, but I can't select that option on SF. Can be used at any Harry Rosen store, including the outlet.
For those of you laundering your own shirts, do you do a low spin cycle or no spin?
Is there a shipping backlog? Ordered on Sunday, haven't yet received a shipping confirmation.
Looking for some sizing advice on the Lupo polos. I wear a 54 in Eidos and 52 in Formosa. Wide shoulders, big drop (8-10). Dress shirts tend to be around 44 inch chest, 19 inch shoulder. I'm thinking an XL? Any thoughts?
You Americans don't know how lucky you have it to only pay $25 duties on Carmina shoes through FedEx. In Canada, we pay anywhere from 4-5 times that on duty and tax when delivered by FedEx!For my last shipment by FedEx, I paid $45 CAD duties on a $90 CAD sweater.I will never again buy and ship to Canada if FedEx is the carrier.
New Posts  All Forums: