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What sportcoats can we expect from Eidos this season?
So probably won't be available for purchase this week for those of us that didn't preorder?
Puts them at almost $700 with tax. I'll take my chances with ordering online,
When can we look forward to the new Formosa drops?
Anyone have any info on the new Leatherfoot mystery bespoke tailor? Looking at their instagram, there are a few pieces on a mannequin from an Aston Martin (I believe) event that look good.
There was mention previously of long sleeved polo shirts by Inglese I believe. Any more info on this? Can we expect them anytime soon?
What do you guys think of pleated trousers with belts/belt loops? Not convinced, but maybe these fawn Rotas will do the trick.
Up for sale is this immaculate Isaia Napoli suede bomber jacket size 42R US featuring some of the softest suede I've ever handled. The rich suede with rustic texture and light lining makes it perfect for the fall, but versatile enough to be suitable for the spring/early summer. Modern/slim fit. Neapolitan workmanship that we've come to expect from Isaia. 100% cotton lining in the torso and 100% cupro lining in the sleeves to keep you warm in those cooler days. Elastic and...
Maybe this has been discussed, but how does the new pricing structure/US store affect us Canadians? Initially, I was under the impression that it wouldn't, then it seemed it would...Not quite sure...
Do the pleated Rota trousers have any more width in the thighs to accommodate the pleats?
New Posts  All Forums: