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Even when incurring custom's fees, my experience is that buying from overseas at worst will cost the same as what you would pay here when you factor in shipping and custom's fees which are typically 20-30% when shipping with Canada Post. If you get hit for the full amount, you're no worse off than buying at LF for instance, but if you're lucky and your package gets through, you're ahead. Plus, you have access to so much more inventory.
Up for sale is this awesome, like new 100% wool navy Boglioli K Jacket. Synonymous with relaxed, Neapolitan tailoring, Boglioli is world renowned for their casual, yet refined approach to tailoring. This is the holy grail of Boglioli jackets featuring 3 roll 2 lapel, barchetta pocket, surgeon cuffs, etc. This jacket, like all other K Jacket's represent Boglioli's highest quality line. The jackets are lightweight and perfect for the warmer weather. They wear like cardigans...
Looking for some help in removing the stains on the shoes. I'm not sure exactly what's caused them, but I'm assuming it's alcohol/juice/pop. I've tried saphir renovateur, as well as a cream polish with no success. Any suggestions?
My second shirt order from Luxire. Buttonholes look very sloppy. Is this normal?
PSA for those in the GTA: Burrows has short sleeved Lupo polos on sale 40% off, making them about $150 CAD including tax. They have navy, light lbue, pink and white.
Has anyone sent in apair of wool Rota's in a size 50 to be copied? Might send mine in, but wondering if Luxire might already have them on file.
Anyone have any real life pics of the navy Formosa Cacciopoli sportcoat? I'm curious how dark it looks in natural light.
@venividivici What luxire collar is that?
Looking for a potential proxy from the EU to Canada, preferably the UK. PM me if interested.
Just an update: Emailed Carmina again and they replied. Seems pitti caused them to be quite short staffed. They've taken steps to remedy the issue. Seems like my case was an outlier (there was another issue with the order that was already rectified). If you're thinking of ordering, order with confidence. I would maybe suggest just emailing after ordering to remind them to ship postal service. Again, my case was likely just an outlier as everyone else had their orders...
New Posts  All Forums: