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Ahhhh didn't even realize they were restocked and all the big sizes are gone already!!!, What other boots are you planning on stocking so I can get in on the 11s before they're sold out?!?
How does the boot compare to the following in terms of sizing?Simpson 11.5Filadelphia 11Rain 11I assume I need an 11?
I'm inI'm in Canada. I shipped it to the address listed on their website for returns. Was not informed of a New Jersey shipping address.
Finally took the plunge and ordered from Luxire based on all the hype on SF as well as the recent tumblr post with the pleated extended waist band pants. I actually ordered the same makeup but in British khaki. The pants arrived within a week and I was initially very pleased. The construction was excellent, the fabric sturdy and the makeup was very true to measurements and specifications. Unfortunately, there was an imperfection in the fabric. I guess I made up one of...
Which fabric best approximates the chinos in this pic?
Any size 44 left?
I'll play. You could also rename this post "Things I want, but can't afford at the moment" 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
I was there last week and didn't see anything worthwhile. Where are these Zegna sportcoats?
Someone should kop and place on B&S!
No 11.5 in the carmina penny loafer. Was hoping to add these to the rotation. Should I go ahead and pick up the C&J Sydney, which is my back up plan, or is there a chance there might be a restock at some point? Also, I've asked this before and didn't really get an answer, but is it possible to request a shoe that you've posted online as incoming in size 11.5uk? I'd even be willing to provide a deposit. I don't want to pay the MTO charge on a shoe you regularly carry just...
New Posts  All Forums: