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PSA for those in the GTA: Burrows has short sleeved Lupo polos on sale 40% off, making them about $150 CAD including tax. They have navy, light lbue, pink and white.
Has anyone sent in apair of wool Rota's in a size 50 to be copied? Might send mine in, but wondering if Luxire might already have them on file.
Anyone have any real life pics of the navy Formosa Cacciopoli sportcoat? I'm curious how dark it looks in natural light.
@venividivici What luxire collar is that?
Looking for a potential proxy from the EU to Canada, preferably the UK. PM me if interested.
Just an update: Emailed Carmina again and they replied. Seems pitti caused them to be quite short staffed. They've taken steps to remedy the issue. Seems like my case was an outlier (there was another issue with the order that was already rectified). If you're thinking of ordering, order with confidence. I would maybe suggest just emailing after ordering to remind them to ship postal service. Again, my case was likely just an outlier as everyone else had their orders...
Should have specified tha I'm in Canada and so sadly this is a reality for us.The plainly ignored the fact that I selected postal shipping and just stopped replying to my emails. Horrible customer service. I couldn't refuse the shipment because as an MTO, they cannot be returned.I will email them again and see if they decide to reply.
I ordered an MTO through Carmina and selected postal shipping yet they shipped by fedex and I got hit with 40% in duties, fees and taxes. I emailed them and they acknowledged their mistake, but then stopped replying to my emails. Had I known they would ship Fedex, I wouldn"t have ordered. Won't be ordering from them again.
Borrelli Napoli needs no introduction. Check out Styleforum's Hierarchy of suits and you'll see that Borrelli sits at the top. Own this suit and you'll see what the fuss is about. This is a staple navy suit by one of Napoli's foremost tailoring houses. Complete with 3 roll 2 lapel, barchetta pocket, working buttonholes, and hand stitching throughout, this suit is a homage to classic Neapolitan tailoring. Measurements are as follows: Jacket: Shoulder to shoulder: 18.5...
Is the Doak Galway preorder still slated to arrive in August or has the timeline changed?
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