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How does the process work? Is it online MTM? Is it a standard pattern and you just select fabric?
@wigglr Do you have deets on the fabric for your SC? Did NMWA do this as a special preorde?
Who's the animal that picked off all the new 52 Formosa Sport Coats?
How warm is the Matera? Appropriate for east coast/Canadian fall/early winter or should I go with the FJ?
Maybe you could politely suggest they start shipping to those of us in Canada
Damn, wish I didn't delve into the preorder world with a jacket and suit for the spring. Would've preferred the MTM option through NMWA
Like new Carmina on the Simpson last. This comes in the hugely popular polo suede colour. These were an MTO from Carmina featuring a tomir sole. Brand new these currently cost >$500 and are available exclusive from the Carmina webstore. I'm looking for a quick sale so these will be off the site at the end of day Friday regardless if they sell or not. Shipping at cost worldwide. Does not include shoe trees.
Sorry, late to the party, but what retailer is Stefan88 affiliated with? Seems to have a lot of positive feedback.
Did you pick this up locally? If so, where?
Will any of these changes affect sizing? I.e. I have always been a 54 (have the first two iterations of the NMWA cut) but recently tried a 52 at your suggestion due to the shoulder divots issue and I felt it worked for me so I went ahead and preordered a suit and sportcoat in 52. Will these changes compromise my fit? Should I have went with the 54?
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