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How much can I take in the waist of the Rotas without messing with the remainder of the proportions? I'm a 33-34 inch waist, but need a 36/52 in the rotas to avoid pocket flair and get a nice drape. 34/50 works, but I think sizing up would be ideal. Would taking 3-4 inches off the waist be possible or do i stick with the 34s?
Actually, I just sized down and will let you know when I receive the jacket. I'm hoping it works out now that NMWA has decided not to carry 54 any more.I suspect this would not work for the Tenero, but the shoulders on a 54 have no wiggle room. Do most people find that the NMWA is a looser fit all around?
Thanks for this. Was going to try the jacket out but not willing to lose a few shirts in the process
@nickpollica Is thr raw silk navy blazer offered at nordstrom the same as the melange blazer offered at Saks?
For the band collar, how does the numbered sizing correspond to the letter sizing used by Barneys? If I'm a 42, do I grab an xl at Barney's?
@nick I see that Nordstrom added some sport coat offerings. What model are they? Is the raw silk the same material as the sportcoat offered through Saks?
price drop
Up for sale are these beautiful, lightly used Carmina double monks with a unique brown rusticalf strap made exclusively for The Armoury. You can't find these anywhere! Shoes including dustbags but not shoe trees. Will ship worldwide. PM for quote.
Is the footwear sale final sale or are returns accepted?
For those in the US, how much tax/duty do you typically get hit with when ordering?
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