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Was having trouble uploading it yesterday, but here it is today.
I had these pants taken in an inch at the waist and I've been left with all this bunching and pulling at the centre seam. I assume the tailor also took in the seat with the waist and this is what I've been left with. is fixing this as easy and releasing the centre seam a bit? Any thoughts?
Asked this earlier, but didn't seem to get a reply. Just wondering if anyone can comment on the merits of wool solar (as in the Eidos suit) vs. cotton solar (as in the Formosa offering)?
Can someone please espouse the virtues of woolen vs cotton solaro as in the Eidos vs Formosa suits?
Between $900-$1000 pretax. Can't remember exactly.
PSA: Burrows in Oakville officially started their summer sale and all Eidos is 50% off. This includes staple grey and navy Tipo suits and short sleeve lupo polos.
Are the prices including the tailoring credits and preorder discount? If so, did Eidos pricing go up considerably since this past season?
Which bonafe last is most similar to Saint crispins Classic last f width?
Green, beige, stone. No idea on remaining size, if any.
E. Zegna although they do carry Zzegna as well.The solid navy suit that I was talking about was actually the 15mil15 fabric line.
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