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I am usually a D. I got it in a C and it fits perfect on me.
Allen Edmonds Sanford What are your guys thoughts on this the Sanford model?
Bump. So there are no more of these kind of sites offering a few items of clothing for one price?
I'm looking for more sites that offer similar deals like Charles Tyrwhitt offers with the 4 shirts for 199 thing. I prefer to buy certain clothes in that way.. (mostly basics) so what are some sites you guys can recommend that do that?
I found a good deal on ebay for Allen Edmonds Sanfords. They are my size (10) BUT it says the width is C,B (narrow). I don't have a "narrow" foot but they are not wide either, I would say my feet are skinny to very average. Will these be too "tight" for me? Thanks in advance!
Apercu by Colophon Foundry. Scala Sans. Klavika and others by Process Type. Andrew from Samuelstype. Dereon by Porchez Typofondrie. Unica. Textaxis fonts. Augereau would be my favorite serif.
Not so sure if I like those, but congrats.
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