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I'm going to Dublin, Ireland next week and was wondering if anyone here had recommendations on stores to absolutely visit while there. I was planning on checking out indigo & cloth http://www.indigoandcloth.com , the Barbour store and Harris Tweed in Cleary. Any other recommendations of stores of clothes I should definitely buy while there? Thanks!
dude that shirt is dope! kiya, when are you getting some new loopwheeled sweatshirts/hoodies in? Looking to pickup something for the fall.
Anybody know if the loopwheeler sizing on their website is accurate? I'm thinking of picking up a LW01 and I wear an American M (for the most part), but dunno how that translates to Loopwheeler sizing (L maybe?) I've heard stories about their online sizing chart not being accurate and don't want to buy something all the way from Japan, if its not going to fit me once I get it. Also they have a no return policy
Oh sweet, those look promising. I tried a pair of 3Sixteen SL-100x in the store today but the back pockets were too low and looked large, but the 21BSP seems like it might have smaller back pockets. Thanks!
Kiya, I'm looking to replace my SugarCane 2009's that I bought on your recommendation at the SF store over a year ago. They have served and faded beautifully and are going to be retired. I'm looking for - a slim-straight fit - no back pocket detailing - smallish back pockets and not very low on the back. Basically something similar to the SC2009's but a different jean. Any recommendations?
I'm sorry if this has been brought up before, but are the Alden Indy 405's available anywhere without the speed laces (the hooks on the top of the boot for laces). I have those on a Color 8 Alden boot and hate them. They take forever to lace and come undone sometimes which is why I'm looking for a pair of Indy's without them. Thanks in advance!
Anybody know the shirt the Grey Chambray shirt this guy is wearing? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/30/how-to-make-it-in-america-victor-rasuk-bryan-greenberg_n_989064.html Better looks in the 2nd episode of this seasons How to Make it America. He wears it throughout the episode. Thanks!
Awesome, thanks Master-Classter!
thanks for the help guys!
I bought these SugarCane SC 2009 from Self Edge about 9 months ago. They've been hand washed twice for a few minutes each time and have been worn fairly regularly (not everyday since I also rotate another pair) It's got a good fade going on the pockets where I keep my wallet and phone. The one thing I'm concerned about though is the crotch crease. Its visible most in the 3rd picture, but there is a visible crease on the crotch and when I sit down or even walk that part...
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