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What shoes are these? I like.
Thanks for these, I'll definitely get in touch and have a closer look.Well I'd be mainly taking it to & from work (I work in the City) so theft is unlikely. It seems Saddlebacks are very much preferred then, what I'd like to know then is what makes the Saddlebacks a better buy than others at that price point? Another questions would be at what price point would you have to go to consider buying a different briefcase?
It very much looks like a boy in a mans suit. I can't believe that this is bespoke, I'd be absolutely furious if it was me who'd paid over £1000 for that.
No help at all guys?
Ok, so I want to get a new briefcase for work, I'd want it to be leather and be dark brown in colour. I basically have no idea on what's good or bad, who makes good quality products and who doesn't etc. but I know I don't want an attaché case. Obviously money permitting I'd go and buy a nice SAB case or something but I'm only a wee kiddie at 22 so I'll have to do with a more modest budget for now. I'm UK based so anything that I can get here would be great but for the...
How about G&G's squarer last (TG73?)
Brown(ish) coloured leather flap over briefcase for around $400? I'm not clued up on brands etc. so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
TMPCJE 10% off & free delivery when you spend over £50, valid till end of July.
+1, loving it.
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