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>$1000 suggests more than $1000, just so you know.
I just think it's a plain nasty looking suit, SFW but wouldn't advise it. The lapels are ridiculously weedy also.
Totally worth it and usually fairly important unless you're buying MTM shirts.
This, and don't button the bottom button on your suit.
What shoes are these? I like.
Thanks for these, I'll definitely get in touch and have a closer look.Well I'd be mainly taking it to & from work (I work in the City) so theft is unlikely. It seems Saddlebacks are very much preferred then, what I'd like to know then is what makes the Saddlebacks a better buy than others at that price point? Another questions would be at what price point would you have to go to consider buying a different briefcase?
It very much looks like a boy in a mans suit. I can't believe that this is bespoke, I'd be absolutely furious if it was me who'd paid over £1000 for that.
No help at all guys?
Ok, so I want to get a new briefcase for work, I'd want it to be leather and be dark brown in colour. I basically have no idea on what's good or bad, who makes good quality products and who doesn't etc. but I know I don't want an attaché case. Obviously money permitting I'd go and buy a nice SAB case or something but I'm only a wee kiddie at 22 so I'll have to do with a more modest budget for now. I'm UK based so anything that I can get here would be great but for the...
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