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No help at all guys?
Ok, so I want to get a new briefcase for work, I'd want it to be leather and be dark brown in colour. I basically have no idea on what's good or bad, who makes good quality products and who doesn't etc. but I know I don't want an attaché case. Obviously money permitting I'd go and buy a nice SAB case or something but I'm only a wee kiddie at 22 so I'll have to do with a more modest budget for now. I'm UK based so anything that I can get here would be great but for the...
How about G&G's squarer last (TG73?)
Brown(ish) coloured leather flap over briefcase for around $400? I'm not clued up on brands etc. so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
TMPCJE 10% off & free delivery when you spend over £50, valid till end of July.
+1, loving it.
This thread has turned pretty douchetastic. Realistically you can get away without black toecap oxfords nowadays, especially in the US. I wouldn't consider someone to have a well rounded wardrobe without them though.
It's probably safest that you never wear this jacket at all, after all you may be walking down the street and someone will tear the arm off you, or you'll sit on a nail and rip it, best keep it in a hermetically sealed package, it's worth $5,000 after all. If you're going to be paranoid about a SC that cost $5,000 why buy it at all?
I see a superman trend coming on.
Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon Yesterday's Ascot atire as featured in this morning's newspapers: "Ascot fight on Ladies Day stuns horse racing fans" It was very much in the commoners section though, don't get any of these problems in the Royal Enclosure.
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