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Is this you OP?
I think they are good quality shirts for the price, but I have a problem of fairly slim/athletic body and a fat neck, so even the tailored shirts are too large & require tailoring.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman What the hell is wrong with those pants? I've never heard of "carrot fit" before. Is this something designed for hunchbacks? Carrot fit is mega SW&D, drop crotch.
That's really impressive, wish I could get my head around the whole process, sounds like a fun hobby!
Dressing smart will mean you don't get a call back. The kids have got to like you, which means dressing casual so you're approachable.
They're still 50% off everything for me? Use MENS1 for £5 off £50 spend at checkout.
More TB.
If my high school experience was anything to go by, a scrawny teen like OP would be better off fitting in with his peers rather than trying to dress older than he is. This is especially true as it seems to have the opposite effect due to his size. Whilst he may be better dressed than others of his age in the opinion of posters here, it's not their opinion that counts at that age and he is doing himself no favours really. He is just going to stand out, and not in a good way.
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