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Your tie knots remind me of a banana hammock.
I think my point mainly is you're worrying too much about where it comes from, rather than how it fits you, fit comes before fabric for me.
Why did you buy 4 of the same suit without knowing whether they are any good? Useless without fit pictures also, and Hugo Boss is in no way a quality brand close to Zegna.
That's probably more representative, although my MD who is on more than $1m wears M&S suits costing about $500. I'd say your interest in MC would be as much of a factor on how much you spend when you get past about $100k than your salary.
I bought a few a couple years ago in the sale for £40 each, for that price they are great, they have gone up in price but are slightly thicker and softer now than they were 2 years ago if that's any use.
I'd say you're the troll here going around insulting people and posting pictures of lurid shirts.
I took it more as that the loafers & trousers were fairly anonymous compared to the patters and mix of colours on the top half of the outfit.
That's not Loake 1880. That's Loakes corrected grain imported from India line.
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