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RL don't make any shoes, but do source from a wide variety of shoemakers. Edward Green > Ferregamo so RL > Ferregamo, but they also source/d from C&J, G&G etc. so it's hard to make the sweeping statement that one is better than the other due to RL having so many lines of varying quality.
Hober for sure, failing that, I've been happy with my ties from Kent Wang too although selection is far more limited in that respect.
So because BB does it on their clothes model it makes it OK to do it normally? It's hardly "groupthink", it was originally done by King Edward VII, and I do not believe he was a SF member.
Depends on what you're in sales for really, sales in IB is a different ball game to car salesman for example. Without trying to be snobby (but inevitably coming out as such) people who suggest that spending $5k on a suit when earning $200k is ridiculous have never come close to earning that sum. I'm in a bit of a different situation being young, no family, cheaper rent as sharing a house with friends, but in the UK I get taxed 40% on all my earnings above £35000 + 9% of...
Just no, douchey then, douchey now.
£12 return train fare to Northampton, plenty of factory shops for Church's, C&J etc. there.
You've kind of answered your own question though. You don't wear suits that much, you don't want to spend too much, you love HB and KC. It's good that you've realised you're not really "ready" for MC completely and that's fine, enjoy dressing your age. Try Banana Republic or somewhere like that for fairly inexpensive stuff.
I can still make the distinction between Kiton and Kenneth Cole through my scope.
Whilst I'm not keen on how it looks (jacket and trousers look too slim for me and the larger peak lapels makes it look unbalanced) it's nice to see the writeup and interesting to see bespoke where you know exactly what you want out of the experience.
He seems to be selling Thomas Mason 120s for $240 where other online MTM are doing it for $140-180. Website is nicely designed though, but I'll take a GQ recommendation with a pinch of salt.
New Posts  All Forums: