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That's not Loake 1880. That's Loakes corrected grain imported from India line.
In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.
It has the whiff of IT technician about it, to the point where I'd wonder if it's a short sleeved shirt you've got on under the jacket.
A bit passé.I'd disagree though, a white shirt is like a blank canvas, make of it what you will. Striped and checked shirts don't allow that same versatility, although will look stunning with the right colour and pattern choices.
A definite improvement on your first fit, although the jacket does look too tight still, and I don't think 3 button is particularly flattering for your figure, especially with 2 buttons fastened.
Dude, what is your problem? When someone says they don't like your clothes or calls you out you just say oh they are to poor to afford my clothes and are therefore jealous? Fair enough clothes is your biggest hobby but it's a bit much looking down on people because their wardrobe isn't as expansive and their wallet is smaller than yours.
I don't think you can fix that, if the armholes are too small there's no material to make them larger, so you'd have to buy a new shirt. Not really sure what's going on near the placket either but it upsets the design of the shirt to me.
Just suck it up and pay for shoes that are worth getting, you'll regret buying those Snipes if you do.
Sleeves are too long it seems but that's a bespoke suit from Richard James I believe.
New Posts  All Forums: