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If by City you're referring to financial/law firms in the square mile then aside from "casual friday" (which my work doesn't operate, and don't know of any of the BB banks that do) tweed isn't acceptable as a suit or otherwise unfortunately.
You seem to have issues far more pressing than whether black suits are OK or not.
If you want to be ultra conservative from what you have, white french cuff, 4ih, black park aves, black (not croc) belt, white linen PS. You're way overthinking this though, your tie knot choice is not going to get you the job, as long as it's neat it doesn't matter whether it's a windsor or fih.
That you're also pompous?
What are you talking about? The sleeves are too short on the jacket and the shirt sleeves need to be slimmed down IMO. Trousers look a bit too long in some shots also.
>$1000 suggests more than $1000, just so you know.
I just think it's a plain nasty looking suit, SFW but wouldn't advise it. The lapels are ridiculously weedy also.
Totally worth it and usually fairly important unless you're buying MTM shirts.
New Posts  All Forums: