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You can always rely on Thom Browne for a little bit of creepy sartorial dress.
^ I would agree with the above, nothing exceptional at all about Lacoste polos.
Ugh - the standard prices are 65 though? Still probably worth a trip, just buy half as much
37 chest will be the measurement of the garment, so will be skin tight. Go with 36/38
Is this sale at the factory store still going on? Going to have to take a look...
MIght just be cheaper/better to get MTM at SuSu? That way you get pants & jacket that fit.
Price/Quality ratio is pretty out of whack, and very inconsistent quality of most of their RTW line . Just head to Savile row and check for yourself.
Might be worth taking a look at J Fitzpatrick for shoes around that price range also?Personally I'd steer clear of Gieves (for RTW, I have no experience with MTM/Bespoke) for suits
It's the Hogwarts summer ball.
I'd say you need to go up a size, certainly looks a little short, sleeves are too, and too tight in the arms? Pants will be pretty tight as they will be a 30" waist, so you'll get more room in the 38R/L also. Don't let the guy in the store push you into buying something that you're not comfortable with, as they have a tendency to go with uber tight fitting stuff which is not particularly practical.
New Posts  All Forums: