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I think it entirely depends on the situation, I wouldn't wear it to an interview for example but I do wear it in navy as a work suit as an example.
Peak lapels though, 'nuff said.
This is the exact reason I tried out the thin ones on my latest set of shirts. Still unsure which I prefer.
Grads don't get bespoke. Just get safe, unspectacular suits.
They do offer a 34" in 15" neck, either as a standard size or as a custom sleeve length, so not sure what you're on about here?
Strictly speaking, a polyamide is a term for many different substances, it could also be kevlar, but in this case it's most definitely nylon.
Vote for the guy with brown shoes, he is obviously the fun candidate we can relate to!
Pic 1 - quite a large collar gap on the left side of the jacket, you look like one shoulder is lower than the other? Sleeves look like they are bunching a bit oddly as well on the last picture, as well as bunching around the pits.
Extra slim wont work - find the right collar size first, then sleeves, then make sure it fits across the body, don't forget to leave some room also to make sure it's not skin tight.
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