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Strictly speaking, a polyamide is a term for many different substances, it could also be kevlar, but in this case it's most definitely nylon.
Vote for the guy with brown shoes, he is obviously the fun candidate we can relate to!
Pic 1 - quite a large collar gap on the left side of the jacket, you look like one shoulder is lower than the other? Sleeves look like they are bunching a bit oddly as well on the last picture, as well as bunching around the pits.
Extra slim wont work - find the right collar size first, then sleeves, then make sure it fits across the body, don't forget to leave some room also to make sure it's not skin tight.
York, Lazio, Washington, Hudson, Madison, Soho are all wide(r)
According to the sales guy in Lime St store today it's 2 weeks away, but who knows.
They're a bit of a rip off in the US! It's 35 pounds each here in the UK or 4 for 100
Are you based in the UK? Hawes and Curtis are also someone to consider - after that it starts to get a lot more expensive before you differentiate on quality IMO. I'm slowly weaning my wardrobe of CT shirts replacing with mix of brands, but I picked up some Cleeve shirts from Drakes the other week and they are pretty nice, if you can get down to Haberdasher St they are 3 for 150 as a regular price now.
Casual & relaxed in this instance most likely refers to the patch pockets & unstructured shoulders. I would ignore specifics of sizing as they are probably not right, other than the Havana fit is much like most of their slimmer pieces.
This pic is on page 1, is the shirt Luxire? If so, does anyone have an order # or description for the collar?
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