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Relative to the Napoli these are about an inch or so narrower in the shoulder, with very little padding.
Thanks, I actually just took the plunge on the IWC Portuguese Chrono w/ blue dials - went to the local AD and fell in love, so great suggestion!
So I'm in the market for a new watch and looking to get something relatively versatile. I'd love to get a watch that is comfortable in both casual/semi-casual settings as well as not entirely inappropriate for the workplace. I currently own a Calatrava 36mm for client meetings/dinners etc. so won't need something so toned down in style as that. Anyway, to the details... Looking for something sub $15k ideally, but could stretch up somewhat if there was something that blew...
Either that's a funny shaped mirror or, in my opinion, the jacket is too short in the sleeve by a fair amount. NIce jacket though otherwise!
My immediate thought is no, not legit. Difference being the hampson which this shirt claims to be is a 1 button not 2 button cuff, also different shirt contrast collar (which may be due to seasons so not the primary reason)
Love it, do you have an order # for this?
Also interested in this one.
Yup, kill it with fire.
You really shouldn't just start at MTM, go out and try on shirts that A- fit your neck properly, B- are in a style you like and C- are the right sleeve length. OTR shirts are almost always too large as they need to fit a large variety of shapes, so just take it to a tailor and they will fix it up for a low price, and you get to see it in person rather than burning a few hundred dollars for some internship.
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