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For the Olmsteds. It is getting pretty hard to find Alden make-ups that strike me as truly original these days. Nice work, guys.
Love this, by the way. May be the thing that pushes me to pick one up over similar pieces elsewhere
Thank you. I've backed out of buying so many lower-cost casual jackets because the cuffs were functional.Also, maiden voyage for this beast. Every bit as great as I had hoped.This was the one that I was worried about sneaking past my wife, but now it is her favorite jacket out of all that I own.We've heard about EPLA, Southwick, and LBM... what about Sammy? Will there be more jackets in the future?
Mike came on at "halftime" when the first segment was done to let everyone know. We'll here when this run is done, too
Glad to see it go to a forum member with good timing rather than a flipper with a bot. Nice snag!
Houndstooth size choices just exploded...
Is it just me or have none of these been samples/one-offs? Aside from cufflinks (maybe) I remember these all being on the site
I think they have stopped posting to IG if the item sells out before they can even get the post up
I could see that. Just surprised that bright orange linen trousers went even faster than red polos. Gives hope that not everything will be swiped in under 60 seconds, though
The navy Walts, however... Is something glitching with the polo item or is scarlet really that unpopular?
New Posts  All Forums: