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Sorry to derail Rivet EFF talk, but... Olive linen Gables ordered!
Loving some of the new selections for MTO trousers. @Epaulet Mike- I can't remember, do linens make up slightly smaller or slightly larger? I'm right on the cusp of trouser sizes and a minor swing can make a difference. Thanks!
Today's Eidos: Found this at an estate sale. Ashamed to say that, without the brand, I would have been clueless as to its significance.
When did Sammy use that label with the heart? If it was post-2013, could it be possible that they churned out some pieces from the Hickey Freeman factory (which they purchased that year)?
Totally recommend. Bought the brown suede u-caps on sale and have been very impressed. Materials, consruction and finishing are definitely on par with the (full) price point. Last is more on the round side but is by no means as round as Barrie or Trubalance from Alden.EDIT: Also decent amount of volume in the shoe. Not enough to size down, but it does make up of the fuller end of the "D" width spectrum.
That time you got daps from Steph and LeBron...Thanks, doods
@FrankCowperwood Thanks! Braces indeed. Maximizes the comfort of the natural waist trousers.
Gables in the wild. Excuse this evening's art museum gift shop background. My favorite trouser to date.
QFTAlso, they don't stand out as much as many guys fear. If you can wear colors like pale grape or patterns like tattersalls or PoW checks around your office then very few people outside of SF will notice the higher rise.
@El Argentino reminded me that I took a pic today as well. Another stony beach and grape flannel Also wore my gray flannel Gables today. All three remind me how much I adore Epaulet trousers
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