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Go with navy, unless you already have piles of navy sweaters/outerwear. It goes well with everything and is not quite as dour as charcoal. If I didn't have a foolish addiction to off-beat colors I would have taken the navy over the grape that I picked up last week.
I went TTS with my sportcoat size. I'm a 38 and seem to have been creeping toward a 39 ever since my 30th birthday. I think a 38 will work fine, especially since I have fairly short arms.So here is a question for the heirloom vets: do they stretch at all with wear? I know they're not going to expand by three inches or anything, but do they noticeably loosen up with time?
Appreciate the help. Grape 38 inbound, all thanks to you.This thread is nothing but Epaulet salesmen, I swear.
Now I have another reason to buy one.
This paean may have just sold me on the cardigan. I've dealt with EP shirts before, though. Did you go with your sport coat size? Thanks!
That style of washing should be fine. IIRC the "Dry Clean Only" label is attached by the factory on all trousers that they make. I even no heat/air dry mine to help reduce the wrinkles and have noticed no problems.
+1Actually +0.95RT for [Insert independent men's store name here] can make some nice regimentals and other conservative styles, but most purely private label stuff is indeed awful.
That waistcoat is the Great material and the perfect colorDid you take the same size as your EP sportcoats?
Mike, you mentioned MTO suiting options dropping soon. Will these be fall/winter tweeds and flannels or more year-round hopsacks and worsteds? Thanks!
So is Garand going to be a stock model along with Driggs/Rudy/Walt, open for all varieties of MTOs? Or is it going to be like Rivets and have its own category?If it is open to all MTOs, then a sand-colored donegal with side tabs and a button fly would make a seriously badass country pant.I would also like to take a moment to stump for this cloth:I'm sure that racing green and grape will get most of the attention, but this is a sleeper hit.I have the lovat green flannel...
New Posts  All Forums: