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So... this?Wait, I guess that's if you start making shirts that are only the tits. Grammar is key here.
Refund the money amd relist. I'm sure that is what the buyer is expecting. Probably was pumped to win, paid, then thought "wait a minute...shit."Avoid headaches and just give him the money back.
Hey Mike @Epaulet- Could you talk a little bit about these guys: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/bottoms/products/slim-walt-trouser-sunset-wool-pique I feel like they have never come up here and the description is pretty generic. What is this fabric like? More hopsack-y or closer to a super 100s? Fantastic color, regardless.
I have carried out dozens of GSP transactions and have never had any returns issues. I once gave someone's money back because I clearly screwed up the listing, but that is all (it was a $15 shirt, anyway). I am astounded at his assertion that it would actually be cheaper since the biggest knock on GSP is that it charges the buyer insanely high rates (actual shipping+all customs+eBay's profit margin). The second biggest knock is that it delivers packages at a glacial...
This would be fantastic. Dubs may have been usurped by the CP/Lanvin/MMM $500 sneaker craze, but I still think they look fantastic. That, and as someone with a preposterously narrow heel they are really the only non-laced shoe that I can reliably and comfortably wear. I don't know that you would sell them by the gross but I think we could at least sustain some small orders or GMTOs.FWIW, the Salinger double monk in brown calf is still my favorite shoe, serving the same...
This made my day. Good move.
This move always kills me. That, and the super lowball offer submitted 10-15 minutes before the listing ends. How do they imagine this playing out on my end? That I suddenly think my item is overpriced by $65? Or that I scramble for my phone, frantically trying to accept their offer, relieved to have made $15 today?
Great idea. Thanks!
Did this gauzy-rainbow-whatever-the-hell-it-is sell out really quickly? It is not in either category and I don't recall ever seeing it offered. Every time someone brings it up it drives me crazy. Such is the sad obsessiveness of wanting to see every EFF fabric ever...
@Epaulet Those lasts look amazing Jodhpurs are just not my thing, so those are out, but the PTB is fantastic. I would love to see some semi-exotic skins and unique options. God knows that everyone from Meermin to Eddie Green has PTBs out there, so it would be fun for Epaulet to come through (as always) with things that are a bit outside the norm. My one preference would be to keep a good flow of leather soles coming. I get the appeal of commando and Dainite, but holy...
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