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Funny, I seem to be having trouble breathing...
Yeah, those things mean serious business. Is the jacket Ikire Jones?
+1000 for thisI've dreamed of a Kami in a real light blue, perhaps either washed denim/chambray or linen (maybe cotton/linen)
Holy shit, me too. I've had a long day and was reading this in only a semi-conscious state. At first I honestly thought I hallucinated the smile.
Mike just posted a photo of some new Garands to IG. Khaki, olive and black military twill. I think he said they are dropping next week
Speaking of custom trousers, what is the general fabric availability like for these models? In other words, how long can we roughly count on them being around?
Looked for this most of the fall (though not diligently) with few results. I would love to see what Rota could do.
Go up, for sure
Hey guys, I'm thinking about my first Luxire trouser order after perusing all of your supremo examples for the past few weeks. One question for the veterans: I'd like something with a single pleat but I have no existing trouser to work from. Has anyone tried "adding" a pleat after taking measurements from a FF trouser? If so, how were the results? Thanks!
^ I saw that on HONY and then Mike's IG this morning. First thought: "Cool! Nice visibility." Second thought: "Can I recognize any Epaulet items on him?"
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