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First I've heard of The Gigi. Looks like they make classic Chanel jackets for men, basically. Some of the product shots remind me of the myriad eBay sellers who try to pass off 3 button jackets as 3-roll-2.
Check the tag in the inner breast pocket. It will have the name on it
When will orders close, Greg?
Trunk carries Tenero (they also have Augusto, but that is a completely unstructured shirt-jacket style; I'd be amazed if that was made into a suit)
Bruh, if you ever need a side gig to make a little extra cash, I think you've got it figured out. Nice work!
90% sure not Tipo.May be Primo or some other not-often-seen model. Seller has some Primos in other fabrics
Champagne hopsack walts from a recent EFF
I totally believe this. Bloomie's SA's were always borderline shocked when I would skip over shorter, "hip" jackets and go for Tipos.I always thought Tenero was slimmer in waist and shoulder, huh...Speaking of Tipo, it was in action today
The silk hopsack is very "dry," not much sheen to it at all.Were the lapels slimmed down or what? I have all Tipos thus far and am looking for its heir apparent...
Looking fantastic, my man! Damn you east coasters and your late start dates. We have been back for three and a half weeks.Also, Nori hopsack walts are my #1 regret when it comes to awesome items missed in my time as an EP-head.
New Posts  All Forums: