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MTO Indigo linen suit Carmina dub monks Doesn't show the fit as well as a robo pose, but hey...
It is certainly hard to think of one with that much variety AND product quality. Eidos is to be commended for moving in new directions while keeping a sense of authenticity and value.
That bastard.
Try this phrase:"Their not NEW new, I just don't wear them that often."I'm blessed with a wife who pays zero attention to clothing. This phrase coupled with the citation of a specific time/event at which I wore the item in question ("I wore these when we went to boo the neighbor's children at that baseball tournament") is usually sufficient evidence to rule against the plaintiff.
Thanks, gents.Just got off the phone with customer service, money should be released ASAP. This BS pisses me off so much.User isjeremysa01if you want to block him. Not very active, though. He only has 1 feedback... However it came from @Brianpore
Ok, need help from the pros here: I know this has been asked before and I apologize for not knowing the answer immediately, but... Just got my first paypal chargeback claim for "unauthorized purchase" from a guy who bought a sport coat over one month ago. Obviously bullshit. What do I need to do/upload to win this case? I have tracking info and everything uploaded to eBay. Thanks in advance, guys...
Fresh back from the tailor:Both are wrong(ish). My cotton solaro 38/48 measures 17.75 inches from shoulder to shoulder, smoothed flat but not stretched. If people are leaving the jacket relaxed they may err on the side of caution and say 17.5.If you tug it a little bit, you can get it up to 18 inches (wait for it... TWSS)PS/PSA- As Greg was alluding to, NMWA has some face-melting pre-orders up.
Agree with all of this. Great use of models for the presentation. Made everything feel more authentic and less gimmicky. Seemed to pay respect to the actual style rather than trying to sell the collection as just the next trend in fashion.I take a 38/48 in most everything, with normal-to-slightly-broad shoulders, and the Tipo fits me like a dream. I'm still coming to terms with its "death."Unless you are very broad shouldered you should be fine.
I really hope NMWA carries a decent number of these. This season's DB dinner jacket sold out in my size in less than three hours and was never to return...
In this thread I think your obsession qualifies you as a hero.Here's one for the community: I have a tweed SC from the first (or nearly the first) collection done by Antonio (FW '13, I think). The model is listed as GFDREW. Any clue what that is? Feels totally unstructured, shorter than the Tipo but unsure if it is as short as Balthazar. Anybody else have one?
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