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That looks like the curved spread or curved cutaway collar that is offered through Individual Shirts!
Can't wait to see what spring has to offer.With black suede I feel that you either have to baby it and take real meticulous care of it or beat it up a bit. If you baby it, wear it like any other black shoe. In the evening with navy and gray palettes, keeping things rather formal.For pairs such as yours, with an antique edge, I think they look great a little roughed up. The black becomes less "dense" and almost comes to be more of a charcoal. I still like it best with blues...
Ghostly Gables ordered! Looks like we may zap this fabric in a single night... I would also stump for the indigo (which Mike pointed out). I MTO'd a Southwick suit in a similar linen fabric last summer and it absolutely slays. I also have Gables in a green linen like the one offered tonight. Also a strong recommendation. That shade of green is perfect for acting as the "fourth color" in a trouser wardrobe, behind blue brown and gray.
Welcome, Glenn!Glad to hear that someone remains at the helm, especially since this is how I found H Stockton in the first place (sort of, I'd seen some killer tweed jackets in a thrift store or two and had assumed the store- like so many of the greats- was long gone ).Anyway, just wore my black suede Aldens that I bought from you guys last month. Loved 'em. Look forward to seeing what the spring holds!
Speaking of Linda fhe Great, has anyone looked at her women's stuff? Is it any better/more accurate? Or does she just rely on sheer volume?
Did anyone purchase/try on the Eidos asymmetrical great coat? Seems like you could size down pretty easily- curious if that is indeed correct.
"Candy stripe seersucker jacket" Wow, do I like the sound of that
This guy has been trying to move this on eBay for some time (I own this model and it is an outstanding suit, BTW). Interesting strategy to move it onto the Walmart marketplace. Wonder if it is on Amazon, too???
I want to run a blog/tumblr/IG called "Shit You Shouldn't Try at Home." It will just be photos of Kamoshita.
@EpauletSSUUUUUPPPPPWore my Teba yesterday actually. Here's an action shot:Tebas are dope as hell. Imagine a slightly dressier Doyle with unique details to separate it from regular overshirts. Great in tweeds, linens, and other slightly dressier fabrics. Nice contrast to a canvas or chambray Doyle.
New Posts  All Forums: