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I realize this was a few pages ago, but I would be all for an heirloom in either a camel color, or a return of the blackwatch yarn. Now that I have seen the heirloom light, I would gladly go for another... On a related note, I feel almost (but not quite) as enthusiastic for another fair isle option. I still remember seeing the one Rob has in the sale section and thinking "Nahhhh..." Mistake.
Kudos to Mike and Co. for how you guys handle defects like the Gitman FF. I feel like most retailers (including SF-approved ones) take the approach of "You got a deal, stop whining. Oh, and buy more stuff from us too." I like that EP tells us how/why things go wrong and tries to make amends.
I would say that you are correct. It is indeed a little high from a traditional standpoint, but it would be comparable to many other popular brands at the moment.
May I suggest:"No, these are the same brown pants I had last year.""Yeah, but remember I've always wanted one/more in shell cordovan.""Can you believe someone gave this to Goodwill?!""I hope you enjoy your new bracelet."
Dude asks the question... gets four emphatic responses in under 20 minutesGotta rep EP all day
Trousers are fantastic. I think trousers were the first Epaulet product that I ever saw praised and recommended on the internet (back in 2009ish).I bought a brown tweed Walt model trouser with camel and orange flecks back in 2009 and they are still going plenty strong. They are made in a Brooklyn-based factory that is popular with quite a few internet-oriented men's clothing stores, but I think that Epaulet's MTO options and fabric selections put them over the top.The Walt...
So this is a day short for the whole "thankful" thing, but sometimes I forget how spoiled we are to have Mike/Adele/Epaulet around. Today my mother wanted to go shopping at the stores that are a short walk from my parents' home. I wore a shawl collar cardigan that I purchased from Epaulet for around $350 two years ago. It looks great, was knitted in Scotland, and has held up quite well. One of the stores that we happened to visit was a certain internationally known brand...
100% recommend. My Sammy sport coat may be the best EP item I've bought (along w/ heirloom cardi). Fit is on the slim side but not ridiculous. If you have experience with other slim, contemporary brands then take that size. If you usually shop at more traditional brands, size up. I think most guys rock it TTS.Could be wrong, but I think final sale is final sale no matter what.
I had a similar concern, though I am two inches shorter than you are. Mike said that, since the sweater is hand knit, you can GENTLY have someone stretch the arms while the cardigan is on you and it will lengthen the sleeves a bit. I bought a grape heirloom in the first go 'round and I have also noticed that it has seemed to stretch a bit on its own, without massive intervention.
I was thinking about sizing up for my next Epaulet sport coat order because... ya know... life after 30 Anyway, I'm looking at the shoulder measurements and comparing them to other jackets. I was curious where exactly they are taken from. Is it from seam to seam or point to point? Taken from the very top of the shoulder or across the back? If anyone has an idea, I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
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