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Happy Thanksgiving, Epaulet clan. Wearing what will today be known as "Cranberry and Turkey" windowpane. Perhaps my favorite factory find of all time.
Has anyone else had some bizarre spikes in their item views lately? I have some pretty average stuff that suddenly has 1700+ hits (for reference, my best prior to this was around 450). Any clue how this happens?
Sincerely hope that you sell the item at full price before you even get the chance to lower it. This happened to me when I had a linen jacket listed at 75 BIN and a guy offered me 30 w/ free shipping and the argument that "summer is almost over, no one will want this anymore"Sold the next day for full price plus shipping. Great feeling.Unrelated, but also pissing me off: Ultra lowball offers (think 70+% off) submitted in the last five hours of a 30 day listing. Do they...
I would argue that it is no more "lame" than every retailer on earth selling their products for 50-1000+% more than what they paid wholesale. He's just being more transparent about it.
Thrifting can be a bit slow in my area so sometimes shirts are a must just to keep product flowing. The one nice thing about mid-tier shirts is that I don't feel the need to give many photos or measurements. I just do a very brief write-up, three quick pictures, and list them for low prices. Again, I only do this when I am out of tastier things to list, but they do sell.
I stumped for that Barberis teal and cream fabric before and I will do it again- it is fantastic. Soft hand, great colors, and surprisingly wearable. I think the EFF price is about 50% off of retail from my (Hertling made, though non-Epaulet) pants made of the same stuff. If you are thinking of getting something a bit more bold from this round, give this one a long and hard look.
Can you measure the BB trousers real quick? It is probably very close, since BB runs surprisingly true to size.I take a 33 in Epaulet as well as in the Fitzgerald and Milano fits (which I realize may be slimmer than Madison)
Def did not get the Lyle Lovat pun until just now
Holy shit, I have trousers in that gray and teal windowpane (Driggs sample)! Someone should snap that up NOW! It is surprisingly versatile and the hand is gonzo.... Actually kinda pissed I don't have that one with the side tabs...
@Epaulet I get a 404 notice for the Driggs item...
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