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Definitely swappable buttons. Cool MTO detail. Bet that at least one set of buttons were some astounding 24k gold beauties
Based on standing tradition of the past three years or so, no.I don't think that this has changed recently.
I don't know to what extent this applies to the population as a whole, but I know that once I bid on something I have a tendency to think of it as "mine." Once I take the plunge and enter a bid there is some deep instinct that seems to pull at me, convincing me that someone is trying to steal "my" item. If I try a snipe then I submit one bid and walk away. If I lose, too bad. If I go in and bid, only to immediately be outbid, I find myself pushing higher and higher....
All we need to do is work out a deal with HR so that I can be paid in Lupos and Sal trousers
I own this exact suit and I actually think it is one of the more stylish of the 15-20 that I own.This thing oozes a very contemporary Loro-Piana-Hermes-Cucinelli "stealth wealth" kinda vibe, which I am sure is popular with any well-dressed men at your firm. This is what the dude in a suede blouson and cream chinos wears when he wants to dress up. Throw it on over a blue linen or chambray shirt and you are good to go.I've worn mine to garden parties, summer weddings, and to...
Here's a chance to show off: Name that skin! On an umbrella handle, likely at least 40-50 years old
I see some nice pick-ups in the stockists. S+A, Unionmade, etc. Congrats!
+1 for the raise. That shit is hilarious.
If you are the winner and BOTH pieces fit you, please post fit pics...
Did anyone hop on the NR Pilot Short? Really tempted by the sale price, checked out the measurements and previous posts, still curious how they fit IRL. By what I can tell, would a 38= S (no liner) and M (lined)?
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