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When did you order? I am dying for my shirt and we're at about 7 weeks now. It is my first shirt MTO and if it works out I am stealing your design for round 2, FYI. Looks great (with either collar)!
My fault. Thanks for setting us straight.
I went through the first half of Antonio's list. Here is who I know sells online: Bloomingdale's NMWA Lawrence Covell Scoop Haberdash Martin Patrick 3 Carson St. Gentry Stanley Korshak Haymakers
You seem to be under the impression that I am making some sort of moral claim against eBay. They are indeed a business. A business that realizes two critical facts:1) They are a natural monopoly. With a service such as theirs both buyers and sellers both benefit from having one central provider for their service. This is why any competitors they had floundered in the early 2000s. It also means that they are relatively impervious to symmetrical competition.2) They need...
That is a sound business strategy and one that I am sure works in practice. My issue with eBay is the distinct sense that they skew unreasonably towards the buyers. They often set up expectations for casual 10 item per week sellers that exceed the expectations we would have for a multi-billion dollar juggernaut of a retailer.I've watched eBay dance around and coddle buyers with issues/requests that would get you laughed out of the room with Amazon or Mr. Porter. I'm...
Certainly LOOKS female. How long is the inseam? The zipper on the fly looks tiny, too small to... you know... "use". The single rear pocket and zip legs would also be more likely on a woman's trouser.My only hesitation is that they look baggy by women's clothing standards...
It is pretty ridiculous how much ass kissing eBay directs towards their buyers. As a seller I have learned that, if you have zero scruples, you could bend the seller's policies any way you chose, just by manipulating eBay's rules. Hell, you could probably even get some items for free. Being a top-rated seller requires you to offer more services and ship faster than Amazon, J Crew or any other retail giant. It really is asinine that eBay wants me to deliver a $14 used...
Stone cotton linen Loving all the basics in this EFF round
Not yet. I just hit the six week mark. I figure they are pretty slammed right now.
Cotton-linen is such a nice fabric blend. You get more wrinkling than cotton and much more interesting texture, but it easier to care for and does not "explode" in wrinkles like linen.
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