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Oh my god, this. I'd wait 10 months for a pre-order if there was a dead-set guarantee that is when it would arrive.
Love that copper hopsack. Plenty of good choices, though.
It was 100% silk. Run last year or the year before, sold through NMWA
Will there be color choices outside of black and brown, Mike? I feel like you answered this once upon a time, but I could not find anything upon my search...Thanks!
That's great news. Thank you for the update. Makes perfect sense that not everything would be online, but I am happy to hear that more will be up shortly!I definitely want to see that PoW with a yellow overcheck from Formicola when it hits in the spring...
Speaking of arrivals, will there be more fall tailoring (esp. sport coats) going up any time in the future? Thanks!
Adding on to that, it also becomes a question of proportions. If a 48R was going to fit the same across the spectrum it would need the same ratio for chest/shoulder/waist measurements. If you were to standardize those measurements and the ratios between them you would wind up with one universal cut and the only real difference would be number of buttons or shoulder expression.I suppose this has an appeal in and of itself, but it would eliminate the existence of different...
@heldentenorI'll jump on the bandwagon. Love the look. Just getting cold enough here for me to bust out my gray GablesWho made the SC? The more traditional length really suits the Gable well.
First I've heard of The Gigi. Looks like they make classic Chanel jackets for men, basically. Some of the product shots remind me of the myriad eBay sellers who try to pass off 3 button jackets as 3-roll-2.
Check the tag in the inner breast pocket. It will have the name on it
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