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Generally not, aside from tuxes. This is a fact that salesmen in Denver have twice gone out of their way to tell me (supposedly as evidence of how non-traditional they are)
First big spring drop looks fantastic. I handled the fabric on that Sammy windowpane SC at a trunk show of theirs about a month ago. The hand on the fabric lives up to the hype of the photo. Assuming it was the same stuff, it has a nice, refined look to it that separates it from all the linens and hopsacks we all may already own. Worth the price, I'd say.
I feel like snuff suede may not be as popular overall but is a little more unique than smooth leather. I would consider a snuff suede while I'd have no real interest in the smooth leather. Black leather/gum sole makes me think of an Adidas Samba. Any feelings toward that make-up would just be channeling any love or hate I'd have for the original Samba.
Hell yes to the kamigata jacket. You guys crank out lots of goodies, but that is next level even for you. Great work! Oh, and x2 for a refresher on asking about estimated cost and fabric options
I have a cuff on my cigar brown linen trousers from this past summer. Works wonders.Cords depend entirely on the thickness of the fabric. I don't own any EP cords, but on the ones I do have I leave the thicker/heavier fabrics uncuffed (too chunky) and the lighter/thinner ones I cuff. FWIW, I generally default to having a cuff rather than not.
Congrats to the growing Epaulet nuclear family! You know, we all have a duty to buy more Epaulet goodies now. Just tell your wives/girlfriends/partners/accountants/therapists that there are mouths to feed.
Shit just got real.
I have both color 8 shell and this belt and you are indeed correct, the belt is lighter and more matte. I would wear dark brown with color 8 before I would wear the burgundy. I have not tried to polish or alter the belt, though, and shades of color 8 can vary a bit.If you don't have any Epaulet belts, I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are an absolute steal at the price they offer.
Secret Santa! Total success, in that A) I had no idea that Philly made both of these amazing things B) There is booze. I love the fact that so many of us defaulted to booze as a gift, I know I did. Thanks, Santa
New Posts  All Forums: