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While we are on the subjects of fakes, I would like some advice from the pros on this situation: Ages ago, when I first started picking up stuff to sell on eBay, I grabbed a Robert Talbott shirt. It kicked around forever and I finally let it go for $9 on an OBO. Today, three weeks after the sale, I get this: Hello: This shirt isn't a Robert Talbott when compared to an authentic one. I will accept the loss, but thought you should know. I don't want to return the shirt and...
I am not sure as to the answer, but if you'd like one I can send you one of mine. I have no plans to wear all 7 or 8 of them at once
GeGreat choice! Gutted that one wasn't in my size.I went ahead and bought the teal windowpane and thw gun club to nurse my wounds.
This is all via PayPal, if you have never used it before (or at least outside of eBay)
Clearly this is a fantastic jacket! Look at how sad is, having to sell it It is a remarkable piece, in all seriousness. I hope someone your size snaps it up quickly! Best of luck with the "life events" in question
Bam! Order placed. Logged on at just the right time... Thanks, Spoo!
Epaulet is on it this PM: 3:04- Read EP newsletter 3:07- Crammerton rivets ordered 3:15- Crammertons marked as shipped Nice work
That is fantastic. I actually like it better Fuji-side out.How is the fit/sizing?
Dudes who pre-ordered the ghurka shorts should post up some fit pics. Real interested to see how those turned out...
In general the ones with leather buttons will be "heavier" fabrics and the horn buttons will be lighter fabrics.i put heavier in quotes because all of JG's tebas are pretty lightweight. I have one in a wool/cash blend and it is wearable in temperate climates from September to May.
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