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If it is my item and I am offering it for sale I can ask any price that I choose, including setting autorejects for a BIN. If I ask $500 for a JAB sport coat and some sucker pays it, how is this a problem? I have made no offence, nor have I forced someone into buying it. Just because someone isn't offering an item at the price that you want or that you have deemed the "market price" doesn't make it unethical. Bad business sense, yes, but not unethical. Who is that guy...
Size seems to be incorrect in the title...
I just discovered your brand this evening and I am already infatuated with multiple items (including the tie you're giving away, of course). Looking forward to purchases and whatever the future holds!
Useless how? If it is stuck/sticking, try (carefully) rubbing a graphite pencil on the teeth of the zipper. I've had to do that on my Barbour occasionally.
I would add on to this debate that the slimmer leg opening actually works remarkably well. My Eidos "Sal" model trousers have a pretty slim opening, which scared me at first, but with a little break and a nice cuff they look really clean and elegant.
The new trouser is outstanding as-is. I like the thicker waistband on the sample. It is distinctive without being too ostentatious. FWIW, this is very similar to the Eidos "Sal" model, which I have and wear all the time. Clothing obsessed people love the details. "Normal" people, contrary to my expectations, barely bat an eye at them. I'd already have multiple MTO's going if these were available today. Psyched for early 2016
@Epaulet Hey Mike, are we still going to see the Southwick MTO options today or will that be pushed to next week?
Thanks for the feed back. I do not offer returns, this was a SNAD situation. Do I just send him a message saying no to the return and wait or should I do something to escalate the matter before he does? This is the first time that I have ever had to fight a return request.
Straight from the item:Chest- 21” pit-to-pitLength- 31.5” from bottom of collarSleeve- 25” shoulder to cuff with 1 to gainShoulder- 19” across the backThis is also frustrating because he paid all the way back on Aug 28
Been real slow in the eBay game lately, but now I need help from the vets on this one: Sold a sport coat with this in the description: "approximately a 40R, please see my measurements to ensure a good fit" (and I included all the standard measurements) Guy opens a return case saying the item is not as described. Says that he is a 40R and that he is "swimming in it" Is this winnable or do I just have to accept the return? Thanks guys!
New Posts  All Forums: