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Do you guys cancel these bids or do you file them as non-paying bidders? I wish eBay had a separate category or classification for this crap. There is little to no punishment for buyers that are blatantly wasting everyone's time.I've stopped responding to most unsolicited offers. I have a SC up for auction now at 20+10 shipping and some asshat has offered me 18 w/free shipping THREE times. I blocked him after the second and just deleted the third message.
That would definitely be a rakish look. I've seen it done, typically on artistic types, but it certainly draws attention to the collar. Wearing it unbuttoned definitely makes a more subtle statement. Buttoning up the collar would be a step beyond, say, wearing double monks unbuckled or a billowing pocket square. Use your opinion on those two looks as a guide, perhaps.
That makes it all the more irksome
Have you thought about offering to refund his shipping? Or giving him 20% back?Frankly, I don't like your odds with eBay. They're slanted about 70/30 toward the buyer and, even if you win, it will take a while to resolve.I do think it is bullshit, though. Block that asshole when this is all over and tell your friends to do the same.
Was this during a trunk show or do they take MTOs any time?
I'm a small-timer by the standards of this thread, but I always re-donate unless something is damaged or unusable. I don't mind "losing" five bucks to a charity shop that has made me so much $$$Plus, many potential eBay duds like J Crew, Robert Talbott, and Peter Millar are still a great deal and a huge step up for someone who really can only afford $5 for a "new" shirt.Finally, see if there are any homeless shelters or "bootstrap" programs in your area. They often need...
Team SalXpost from Epaulet thread:Wish I had the green, too. Thinking about MTO already, ten times more now. Looks great!
The tangerine stripe shirt in real life...
Does he think that John Koskinen goes by Jerry? Is there some tax slang I dont't get? I'm assuming he is asking if you are a professional seller that collects taxes...?
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