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Are sweaters and pants like these classic or will they go out of style eventually?
Which brand and type bag is this?
Do you guys have an idea which brand this is? (This label is shown when rolling the sleeve of the dress shirt)
I'm currently a technical student and I always wanted to become an entrepeneur. Since I do not have the education of an entrepeneur and I am missing knowledge about law, economics, marketing, etc. Since I do have academics skills, I was just wondering what I can or should study to become an entrepeneur in small business (next to in depth knowledge in the branche where I'm going to develop my product or service). I know that entrepeneurship is a discipline where you have to...
I'm 5" 5' (and a little bit overweight) and I always went for plain shirts or vertically lined striped shirts. It was said that shirts with checks on it would make me look wide and short. I'm considering to buy this shirt: What effect do you guys think this shirt will have on me? Would it make me look short or bulky?
The last few months I often hear people say "It's Italian" (and they probably think it should make a statement). Do they mean it's higher quality, more expensive or exclusive (and what does make it more exclusive)?
Why are italian clothing brands so popular?
How do I to tie a tie with a small indent below the knot?
What book does every SF member have to read about Men Clothing?
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo What is the work environment? Books for what? I'm currently writing my thesis at an big ICT consultancy company. The dresstype is usually smart casual. People wear polo shirts or a nice dress shirts to work with pantalons or even jeans. When meeting a client they usually adjust to the clients' clothing style, which is mostly meeting in a suit. I'm looking for books which will guide me what...
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