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Does anyone know of anything that can be retrofitted onto a pin so that it can be worn without damage to clothing (i.e. not produce a hole)? I know badges have magnetic backings that a safety pin can be inserted and worn; but I have not found anything equivalent for a pin. Do I even make sense? Many thanks.
Gilt Groupe has bestowed upon me Gilt Noir membership. I assume it is intended to give me an euphoric sense of exclusivity; but all I have been feeling for the past week is annoyance, guilt and remorse. I have been frivolous with my disposable income. As I go about my days for the past week, I am increasingly overwhelmed with guilt every time I encounter anyone whom I consider to be less "privileged" than I. I dislike this feeling. I dislike my behavior. I just feel...
Sizing down is the first step. Moccasin socks provide friction and reduce the perception of slippage. Alternatively, you can use slip sole inserts (personal preference) for extra grip without any flashing of uhmm...socks.I've tried many "true" no-show moccasin socks and they are annoyingly high maintenance -- keep slipping off. Slip soles keeps my shoes smelling good without me having to constantly adjusting my socks.
Oopsie doosie. I stand corrected. I thought any substantial poofy pile of hair on top of cropped sides constitutes a pompadour. Learn something everyday. What would one properly call KitAkira's cut? I like that far more than the classic pompadour.I am an overly enthusiastic individual (to put it nicely); so head movement is...uhmm...part of daily life. That puts most high-maintenance hairstyles out of my repertoire. But looking at runway shows and advertising...
Your pompadour. How is it styled and maintained? How does it hold its shape and place throughout the day, particularly when head nodding? I always wanted to try a pompadour but my job often finds me in constant motion. I would hate to have to constantly adjust my hair.I really like your hair in the second image--full, shiny, lightly tussled and most importantly: It looks free of products. The shape of your head is also pleasing.The sheen. Is that a leather tie or a...
Thank you for the details. May I also request a frontal view as well? I am curious to see how the side zipper look against this wonderful snow white fit. That and the annoying shoe tongue. Many thanks. P.S. Nice "junk in the trunk".
May we kindly have details on the pieces?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane [[SPOILER]] Would you shoot this under better lighting? I can't tell where one piece ends and the other begins. I am sure it'll look a lot better. As is, you look quite uncomfortable in front of the camera. I don't see the charming defiance, confidence and exuberance that your posts exude. You're a handsome fellow. Smile. Wave an arm. Shoulders back. Something! Even with this morose aesthetic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi John Varvatos S/S 12 [...] Same safe layered collections he is always known for. Fan of the tan and camel color palette used for this season. Always enjoy his runway as a show in itself since on the street no one is able to pull off anything of his other than a suit. Really meant for nothing other than models and rockstars. Come now. You can't mean that. While the rule-of-thumb on the unwearability of...
Quote: Originally Posted by bentobox250 http://www.blackbirdballard.com/Images/Products/32572_1.jpg Not typical SF style but oh well I have doubts I'd actually wear this too often, but I kind of want to get it just because it seems like a cool thing to own haha The piece on its own holds little appeal for me...until septseptsept posted this fit. It looks so fun. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=242186 Non sequitur
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