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Navy TF tie BNWT widest point: 3.1 inches length: 58 inches Price includes shipping
Edward Green Galways 8.5/9E Brown/Dark Brown Upper Pre-owned with Edward Green dust bags and Generic shoe trees. Shipping is 20 US and 40 international
Not a problem! If you have any other questions please let me know! Also I'm not sure what your should size is but I just measured it and it's actually 20 inches laying flat vs the 19 inches on the hanger.
Hey BD22,I'd love to say that I am some sort of expert on TF overcoats myself or even fine clothing in general but that would be putting too much into my opinion. But as to what motivated me to purchase the coat, it was definitely the original seller's high opinion of the piece. Baris has been selling fine clothing for quite some time on this forum and on ebay and was very adamant about how nice of a coat it was as compared to other coats that he's sold. And since I've...
Finally updated the pictures, sorry for the delay!
Hey! Thanks for the advice but it's actually pretty much what the shoes look like. I'll upload a few more in the morning in natural lighting and see what everyone thinks though.
I'd recommend these shoes for sz 9.5D US. Lightly used, these are the older better quality TF shoes, closed channel with a rubberised half sole. A nice hip version of a staple. Price includes both tom ford shoe bags and generic shoe trees. Shipping: $15 CONUS Just uploaded a few shots in natural lighting/under the sun.
I recently purchased this overcoat from Baris however was unable to really utilize it to its full potential as my work place is too casual now for such a nice overcoat. I have never worn it except to try it on so its still NWT attached. Retail price is $8400, selling at $2400 This is the original listing: http://www.styleforum.net/t/289370/final-drop-8400-tom-ford-100-cashmere-overcoat-size-40-us-nwt I'm selling it hopefully to a buyer that could wear it better than...
Selling a watch that I don't wear much anymore to make room for newer watches in my collection. The watch is in excellent condition, the bracelet has some scratches from wear but a nice polish would do wonders to restore its shine. 41.5 mm diameter, quartz movement, omega seamster professional. All original info included, box, card holder, instructions, extra links, proof of purchase etc. Of course guaranteed to be authentic. Extra info: Aluminum blue bezel with blue...
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