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Two pairs of Tom Ford denim is size 44 which is about a 28US. 200 dollars each. 375 for both. 10 dollars shipping US, 35 dollars for international. Tom Ford TF001 5 Pocket Boot Cut Crisp White Denim Trouser 44 Measurements are as follows lying flat: Upper thigh: 9.5"/25cm Waist: 14.5"/37.5cm Inseam: 33"/84.5cm Cuff : 8.75"/22cm Tom Ford TF002 5 Pocket Straight Cut Nior/Black Denim Trouser 44 Measurements are as follows lying flat: Upper thigh: 9"/23.5cm Waist:...
A nice sweater in an ivory color, BNWT $1695 retail. Sz L. $10 shipping in US, $35 international.
Variety of shirts all preowned in great condition. All size 16 besides pink gingham RLPL shirt which is tagged size L. All 100% cotton and never altered in anyway. Shipping is $5 per shirt for domestic. $20 for international. 1 grey rlpl 1 purple rlpl -SOLD 1 blue borrelli 3 white rlpl 1 pink rlpl -SOLD 1 blue rlpl If you'd like to purchase everything I can do 100 shipped.
All sorts of pants mainly RLPL all tagged size 32 but most will fit someone up to 34 if they get it tailored. All flat front except one paid rlpl linen pants. All cotton except rlpl linen pants. Some new with tags but mostly preowned in great condition. Shipping domestic is $10, international is $35. Size chart Item name - Price Inseam, how much to let out Waist leg opening RLPL Linen - 15 double pleated 28.5, 1.5 16 9 Brioni (some light stains see pic) - 25 28.5,...
I don't disagree with what you said. I definitely should've looked over the shoes better and listed the issues but I don't agree with you with the whole PayPal ordeal. Because that case can be opened at any time. Had I not refunded the money you can immediately notify PayPal and it'd be the same exact thing as doing it before the item was sent. And like I said I wasn't frustrated because he wanted to return it was how complicated he made the process. Also like I stated its...
three ties, 30 dollars per tie Widest point: NWOT RLPL stripe: 3.6 inches Preowned RLPL solid/ BNWT RLBL solid: 3.1 inches 5 dollar shipping within US
Isaia Aquaspider sportscoat, made to be somewhat waterproof. Good looking versatile navy blazer with working buttons. Measurements are as follows: length: 32 Shoulders: 19 Chest: 20.5 Sleeves: 24.5 Free shipping within US. $35 International.
Preowned RLPL Drakes fit Suit in Sz 42R. Good looking suit in RLPL quality, working buttons, pants are flat front with side tabs. Will include small pouch with extra materials. Measurements are as follows: length: 31 Shoulders: 18.5 Chest: 20.5 Sleeves: 24 Pants: Waist: 16.5 Flat Inseam: 30 with 2.5 inches to let out measured from crotch Leg opening: 8.5 Free shipping within US. $35 international.
Just doing some closet cleaning. Here's a pair of brown Isaia chukka boots. Measurements are as follows: Outer sole: 12.25 in Widest point: 4.25 in Brand New Never Worn Free shipping within US $35 international.
I've taken screenshots of all our messages and posted them. Also I've taken screenshots of nothingoli posting on reddit asking for advice on the shoes. Even though he has deleted it, it still shows in google that it was him. You can see in the messages that he was clearly making a big deal out of the nick/holes in the shoes even though he knew through his reddit friends that they weren't a big deal at all. So basically he guilt tripped me and made me look like some sort...
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