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For those who were considering those multi-cut flannels, Silver and Gold just put some up (size M & L): http://store.silver-and-gold.com/?pid=80085529
The Bureau gonna get them also, they posted a photo of them.https://twitter.com/the_bureau_/status/505017323481493504
I only got two Needles items(fatigue cutoff shorts in olive, and freedom tee in grey stripe) and absolutely love them. Been wearing the fatigue cutoff shorts all summer, hoping they do a dark navy colour for SS15.
Hard to find good selections of Needles anywhere(besides Nepenthes) which is surprising.Only Japan stores I know that carries size L in Needles.http://reggieshop.com/?mode=cate&cbid=1308666&csid=0&sort=nhttp://www.j-suplex.com/brand/nep.htmhttps://eq.loftman.co.jp/products/list.php?maker_id=87http://store.silver-and-gold.com/?mode=cate&cbid=443987&csid=0Second Stage has some good Needles items but only up to M.
Very true, although Needles sizing doesn't seem smaller sized like most Japanese brands.
Its cheaper to buy Needles from Japan than here, as is EG cheaper here than in Japan.
Just found this thread, so thought I'd share mine. My Makr wallet: Used everyday since I bought it 3 years ago.
Sold out quickly where it was available. All year round jacket, except maybe on hot summer days. condition: 9.5/10 Like new condition. pit to pit: 22.5 back length: 28.5 sleeve: 27 Shipping (from Canada) USA: $15 Canada: $13 "The 65/35 Varsity Jacket exemplifies Nanamicas unique approach of updating classic outerwear with expertly tailored cuts and top of the range fabrics. Based on design of the classic Mackinaw cruiser jacket, the shell is made from a soft 65/35...
Engineered Garments / Navy Iridescent Chambray Round Collar Shirt / SS13 / MED Shoulder to shoulder: 18 pit to pit: 21.5 back length: 30 condition: 9/10 only worn couple times $75 Engineered Garments / Black Terry Fleece Polo Shirt / SS14 / MED shoulder to shoulder: 18 pit to pit: 21 back length: 26 condition: 9.5/10 like new only worn couple times $50 Engineered Garments / Navy Iridescent Chambray Chauncey Shirt / SS13 / MED shoulder to shoulder: 18 pit to pit:...
I usually size up on slim fit pants and just use a belt and tighten it a bit more.
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