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Was posted on Nepenthes NY Twitter: http://firstwefeast.com/eat/ippudo-x-engineered-garments-uniforms/ Thought was pretty cool!
Thanks for input but I guess they won't suit me as the length is to long if I were to size up. Unfortunate.
How do the EG Intermediate shirts fit? They look smaller in the chest/shoulders but length looks same to the main EG shirt sizing.
I think it all depends on where your wearing your clothes. A lot of people won't care the way we do about our clothing, so that is something to keep in mind. One time at Christmas someone splat sauce on my shirt by accident which has made me tone down what I wear from now on at family get togethers. If your going somewhere and its just you or someone that knows your care for clothes its less worrying. But clothing is meant to be worn and most accidents or messes can be...
Best thing to do is use a mailinator.com account(no sign up required and auto deletes email) and sign up to all the stores mailing lists with the mailinator account. And just check it once a day or so before it auto deletes.
They will do whatever you want and the price is usually the same, the only difference is you have to wait up to 6 months for them to make it. I had to do measurements of my feet and mail it in with photos of what I wanted(this was a requirement for custom orders). Not sure if its the same process now as I ordered mine three years ago.
Yeah they can customize everything for you. Just gotta be specific and attach photos.
I remember when those came out, it inspired me to order a custom pair from Russel Moccasin(my photo below). It took like 6months but was worth the wait. If you can't find them, you could custom order them!
They usually do a polka dot shirt every season.
Super-soft wool herringbone fabric, silky-soft inner paisley lining fabric on the inside of the arms. Like new condition, only worn very lightly and casually a few times. Bought and retailed for £366($588) and sold out instantly. Measurements in inches pit to pit: 22 shoulder to shoulder: 18.5 back length: 28.5 Shipping (from Canada) USA: 20 Canada: 15 Thanks for your interest!
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