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They will do whatever you want and the price is usually the same, the only difference is you have to wait up to 6 months for them to make it. I had to do measurements of my feet and mail it in with photos of what I wanted(this was a requirement for custom orders). Not sure if its the same process now as I ordered mine three years ago.
Yeah they can customize everything for you. Just gotta be specific and attach photos.
I remember when those came out, it inspired me to order a custom pair from Russel Moccasin(my photo below). It took like 6months but was worth the wait. If you can't find them, you could custom order them!
They usually do a polka dot shirt every season.
Super-soft wool herringbone fabric, silky-soft inner paisley lining fabric on the inside of the arms. Like new condition, only worn very lightly and casually a few times. Bought and retailed for £366($588) and sold out instantly. Measurements in inches pit to pit: 22 shoulder to shoulder: 18.5 back length: 28.5 Shipping (from Canada) USA: 20 Canada: 15 Thanks for your interest!
Not sure when this changed, but guessing its recent. Nepenthes NY: Shipping is available to the United States and Canada.
Not hassle to hand-wash, I have been doing that. I was just wondering if machine wash is ok if it does the same result. But seems like hand-wash is safest bet.
Yeah I think the best and safest bet is just to hand-wash. I try to stay away from dry cleaners as they would never put the same amount of care as I would with my clothing.
@Shingles: http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/lifestyle/06/content.html http://gallivant.com/city/new-york/
Yeah. Was more hoping to see if anyone has tried and continues to do so but no one has said. I will stick to the label and continue to hand wash.
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