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First sighting of a few items @ http://blog.livedoor.jp/ontheground/archives/cat_44417.html
This was my first cashmere product so I did not know that, but yeah lesson learned.
Got these cashmere gloves last season and wore them very lightly and casually. Only after a few months in, holes started to appear in them in both gloves. I told them about it last year and they paid $10 for a tailor to stitch it back together which was nice of them, but now the holes are even worse. I expected better quality and for them to last longer than 1 season for the price I paid (around $120), sucks as I really liked them.
I think the fit looks good. Looks nice and cozy!
Must be 38mm. I prefer the black face one but the green face one might be ok also. Please message me with your price if interested in selling (looking to pay around $200?, saw it go for around this price on ebay). Thanks!
Looking for Hamilton Khaki 38mm black face watch. Anyone wanna sell?
According to Nepenthes Japan they will be doing a preview event of SS15 stock starting today. So they should be posting images most likely sometime soon. It says early January for availability.
Baxter of California 25% off all orders till midnight(28th). code: blackandblue
slowdownjoe 20% off everything http://us6.campaign-archive2.com/?u=9eb4dc0fee&id=3440a30d9c&e=2c02771192
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