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Not hassle to hand-wash, I have been doing that. I was just wondering if machine wash is ok if it does the same result. But seems like hand-wash is safest bet.
Yeah I think the best and safest bet is just to hand-wash. I try to stay away from dry cleaners as they would never put the same amount of care as I would with my clothing.
@Shingles: http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/lifestyle/06/content.html http://gallivant.com/city/new-york/
Yeah. Was more hoping to see if anyone has tried and continues to do so but no one has said. I will stick to the label and continue to hand wash.
Gentry too: http://gentrynyc.com/collections/needles
For 20k JPY($200) I would want it to last forever, although the packaging must bring the price up a lot. All of them are really nice though. This one is my fav:
Super-soft linen sweater, relaxed fit. Good all year round if you layer it right in winters. Measurements (inches) shoulder to shoulder: 19.25 pit to pit: 21.5 back length: 26.5 condition: 10/10 like new. A little to big for me than I first thought, only worn a couple times. Shipping (from Canada) USA: $12 Canada: $10 Thanks for your interest!
I wonder if Nepenthes NY web-shop will be on its way now.
^ love those. I would buy one
Yes its on their main site http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/ and they link to it from there.
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