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When I got my new iPhone in January I went for the 5s over the 6 purely based on size. I prefer the size of the 5s over the 6. I hope in the future they make a smaller size as well as bigger one. Surely at some point they can't keep making them bigger or it would just be close to a super mini iPad.
It says on the store page for the macbook at the bottom: ConīŦgure to Order 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core M processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.9GHz) with 4MB shared L3 cache But doesn't say how much and you can't choose the option from the only 2 options at the top. I'm thinking you pick one of the two options and on check out it will ask if you want to upgrade to 1.3.
Thing is (not trying to sound like a fanboy) but a Apple product just feels so much better to me than any other branded PC. Its not just the looks, its how everything preforms together and whats under the hood was made with just as much care as the outside(like our clothes and why we come to this forum). I used a PC for many many years before I got this 2008 MBP and after the first day of use I remember thinking I'm never switching back, kind of like how when I first...
Typing this on my old laggy 2008 MBP(although I never had one problem with it with heavy usage all these years). I'm going to be buying the new macbook in space grey to replace it. I love the simplicity and minimal design of it. The lack of ports will take some getting used to, but eventually this is how I think it will be for most if not all Apple laptops, so why not adapt now. My only other concern is the power and speed of the processor, although I know it will be a lot...
I asked NNY about these shirts and thought some of you would like to know also: camp shirt: navy foulard patchwork print khaki foulard patchwork print lt.blue/orange cotton linen plaid red/blue cotton linen plaid white dobby stripe cotton lawn white floral print cotton lawn navy floral print cotton lawn copley shirt: lt.blue multi color stripe red multi color stripe yellow multi color stripe popover shirt: red floral printed on plaid blue small floral print on plaid dk....
Both pants for $185 and free shipping. One pant is $100. Both pants are in excellent condition(9.5/10) and have been hemmed professionally. Only worn a couple times. Ignore the wrinkles from photos as they have been folded away for the past season. Grey pant is a medium weight cotton twill. Black pant is a light spring summer with 54%cotton and 46% linen. Measurements(inches) waist: 16 buttoned, 17 unbuttoned rise: 10 thigh: 11.5 hem: 7.5 leg: 28 Shipping (from...
http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/brands/2015ss/eg.html http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/brands/2015ss/needles_mens.html
Anyone brave and comfortable enough to ask Nepenthes for their master list of all items/styles available for this thread. Or is that bad to do? I just think we all would find it very useful as a lot of people ask for info on certain items. Also, a few more new items added at: http://basies.jp/items/engineered-garments/index15ss.html http://blog.livedoor.jp/ontheground/archives/cat_44417.html http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/topics/340/j340.html
Posted a few links in the SS15 thread of new items appearing. Time to head over there!
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