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Do all of us Aussie Gays love Gangnam dance !!!!! I certainly do.
Anyone know where I can buy long socks (the ones that cover your calves) in Melbourne ?
Yes, I like a bargain. Has anyone bought an expensive suit from Ebay? I am looking at new Brioni suits that have USD RRP of $4,500 for sale on Ebay at about $1,400 ????? The Sellers feedback looks fine. Are they real and why so cheap? Finally,I assume they are good suits?
or car forums, use the wrong wax or polish or oil and they treat you like a mass murderer.
Will do - can you direct me to a retailer ?I assume they are cotton ? Are they soft or scratchy/wrinkly feeling ?Can they be ironed at home via a steam iron ? My Hilditch and Key Shirts cannot, they have to be dry-cleaned.thanks
I just don't understand Shirts. I have been buying Cotton/Polyester businss shirts (Van Heusen and Ganton when on special) for the last 10 years and have probably gone through about 30 of them with no problem. Based on advice from around here, I then went and purchased some two ply pure Cotton business shirts. 5 from Hiditch and Key and then 5 from Modern Tailor. And I just don't get it. The two ply cotton is a bit scratchy compared to the polyester blend and I sweat a...
styleforum.net 9 up, 13 down A place where straight males can go to be gay. A place where gay males can go to be themselves. And a place for everyone else to can go to troll these self absorbed losers. That is not very nice
Probalbbly Brut 33 - it has survived the test of time
You dress really weird, but don't care as you think anonymous people from a chat room on the internet would approve.
I have this identical dilemma - to the stage that I have put my C&J's in a bag, got out the front of Rekaris in Lonsdale St. to ge them Topy'd and then wimped out.. I relaase I should have it done, but I love the leather sole on the marble floor at work.Isn't England wet and rainy - if so, how do they cope with their leather soled English shoes ?
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