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Not sure how much the gift card is for, but the Nordstrom's in my area has started carrying E Zegna and you can't go wrong with a 2 button Navy E Zegna suit. They rarely go on sale though and your dollars may go further at this point on a HF or Canali suit. But you can find those at Filene's for 50% or more off, so you may want to look there first and use your gift card for something else (like Santoni shoes during Nordstrom's semi-annual shoe sale).
Apologies, but I've attempted to wade through the 30 pages of post and am a bit lost. Could someone please suggest a proper size to order RMW Boots if I normally wear a regular 8.5 in US size? Also, what's the proper link to order the FSM Chelsea Boot from?
I just noticed a small (< 1/2 mm) snag in my suit trousers. It's a loose loop of thread that won't go back in no matter how much I stretch the material in any direction. Any advice from the forum members on how to fix it? Or is this a job for a tailor?
Any suggestions on where one can buy a discounted Zegna tuxedo, either online or in-person? I've checked ebay and done google searches to no avail. Nothing has turned up at the local Filenes or Off Saks or NM Outlet.
I talked to a sales associate at Saks last weekend and he told me that the DC Saks at Mazza will be a "consolidator" store this year --- meaning that it will get the sales merchandise from 10 other Saks stores. He told me that the merchandise should arrive during the last 2 weeks in July. Also, if anyone is looking, there's some mainline Zegna double-breasted suits at the Saks Outlet in Arundel Mills --- marked down to $700 or so from $2195.
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