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Pm me your email if you want in on the Banana Republic Friends and Family (50% off full price in store, 30% off online) discount. I think they do sign you up for their (daily) newsletter so I'd recommend using your spam email account. -FG
Now that boat shoes have hit market saturation and you can buy sperrys at Journeys what do you guys recommend for non-sneaker summer shoes? Thanks, -FG
Do you guys know where I could purchase, online or in store, this shoe: Sperry Gold Top Oxford in 11? Or perhaps recommend an alternative similar style? Appreciate. -FG
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar American Spirit yellow. Chrome lighter or matches. Matches especially when the weather is poor, its extra badass points. +1 cigarette for non-"smokers". Tastes kind of like a cigar. My go to cigarette.
I'm looking for some skate shoes that don't scream "I'm in high school" (ie preferably not chucks or vans." Also your opinion on these:
Do it. Doesn't really matter what kind (I do it with mjk, aa, etc). It's a more casual look but not a bad one imho.
Apc are amazing because of the way they stretch to fit you perfectly. I'd say they are, at very least, worth the money. That said I recently bought some kmws in b+s for $135 and they are way better than my apcs.
Quote: Originally Posted by gwydion I was loving the picture and then I read underneath it and saw the price tag Yeah, I saw this bag on their fall preview and kept checking back every few months to see when it came out. Sadly it's double what their old bags cost.
Final price drop bump to $80. I'm 6'2 and 165lbs for anyone who's interested.
Price drop bump to $100.
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