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^ I feel like that would be better with a tee instead of the buttondown/cardigan thing
deep indigo probably
that looks really good Lane, which Julius jeans are those?
5 weeks and counting.. i want my QDR aghhhhhhhh
Is Fred Segal going to have any sales?
personally I'd want APC PS for sub 200, but if he doesn't want tight crotch syndrome, maybe N&F weirdguy or APC NS?
the geller "slim denim" jeans fit me so well, thats what im looking for. The T's are great too
Does anywhere carry Geller in SF? Gonna be there this weekend.
Does archive carry Geller?
Anyone know where I can get some Robert Geller "Slim" jeans in size 50 online? I have the Two Year Fade style and I love the fit, so I'm trying to pick up some other ones (for example, this If not, what would fit similar to the geller slim fit. Waist/seat fits normal, but there's a serious taper (hem is around 6.8"). N&F Weird Guy and APC PS are OK, but the hems are around ~8" on those and...
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