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Yeah I dunno, maybe I just have a fat ass, but it's definitely not saggy on me like in the model shots.
They're actually already in (ssense is fuckin fast, ordered friday, in Monday, canada -> california). Geller 'slim' denim fits me awesome, that's why I ordered these. I already owned the 2 year fade style and love how they fit, so I'm trying to get all the geller 'slim' denim pieces I can. Basically, they're looser in the top block (definitely not baggy, but not painted on) with a serious taper (ends around ~6.8" hem on the size 50). You can feel the fabric around your...
I was good this weekend, could have spent a lot more.
I know right? Would have gotten them ages ago except for that fucking seam. Anyone have any idea on sizing for them? Normal CP size?I'm afraid the seam might be growing on me.. and at the price they're going for on corner, I might just bite the bullet.
velcro strap makes me feel like i'm trying to be kanye west
I would say black, but I hate the white captoe. I wanted the all black ones with white sole, but they sold out so quick
Damn it, I wanted CP Tourney Highs in Black. Anyone who bought a size 43 and it doesn't work out for them let me know
haha I wasn't serious, can you blame a guy for being excited? I check my email anxiously every morning for a tracking #
Can I see this sheet?
are those second pairs cp's?
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