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dude, people are just used to seeing you dressed a certain way here. If you think you like something, or you wanna try out something new, I say go for it. People change their styles all the time. I don't see why it's so looked down upon here.
agreed! i'm ok with this kind of Americana
i did a doubletake when i saw this gif and had to check i was on the right website.
yes, tell us!
hahaha this is fucking gold
Could you give me examples of both cheap and not cheap? I know Dior makes some, but i can't seem to find them anywhere.
I realize most of the denim talk here is about raw selvedge, but anyone have ideas about good black waxed jeans?
Just a name I've always used. I like the book. I don't see how it contradicts what I said.
Workwear/Americana stuff is so fucking boring
shit, I really hope I get it before the 23rd. going on vacation, wanna swag out hardcore in taipei/hong kong!
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