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Awesome lol. Dunno how comfortable I'd be going to a hair stylist and asking for a "hitler" cut. haha.
oh god, that makes me so excited, can't wait
Curious, what do you ask for when you go to get a haircut? Trying to get something similar going
Got my Black PH hightops from thecorner in today, fucking awesome Just need my DR now
ghormeh sabzi is good, but gheimeh with koofteh on shirin polo, made by my mamanjoon
Love those MMM sidezips, too bad they're size 41 :/ Here's another pair of MMM sidezips for a great price. a little worn, but I think the price makes up for it: Someone please get this
I really like both, what are they?
yesss bring back the baseball jacket. would definitely go for a tan suede one
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