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where da measurements at
Anyone know the length on size V Ijevan? Would it be stupidly long for someone 5'8?
If only it was a IV
Lane, that is fucking sick. Love it.
Lanvin, you can see the print in the background of the lower half
What is the inseam length on the trousers (specifically size 34 if it's different for different sizes)? Also, I saw you said you guys will hem them. Does this mean the leg opening will be wider if we get it hemmed since there is a taper? Or will you taper it to the inseam length we choose? edit: hopefully my questions aren't too stupid
This is my new favorite thread. Anyone know if the Geller or KVA floral tee's are for sale anywhere?
x-post from TOJ thread. Quick (bad) fit pic of my QDR TOJ Geller
bad quick pic of QDR, I freaking love this thing
i know it comes when it comes, but 8 weeks no tracking is killin me any chance of getting the jacket before dec 23?
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