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Hi saint, I still have the shoes. I believe they're AUS size 12's.
Hello, I have a pair of brown suede RM Williams Craftsman Chelsea boots for sale, $275 obo. Barely used, mint condition. PM me if interested or if you want to see pictures.
Bumping, these are still available!
The OP is the most recent update. The shoes are still up for sale.
Park Avenue: Black Park Avenue: Merlot Westchester: Brown Strand: Walnut McAllister: Merlot Norwich: Brown Kenilworth: Walnut I've kept the shoes in very good condition. Most of them are a year old or less and I've only worn them about 3-4 times a month. http://www.styleforum.net/gallery/album/view/id/78838/user_id/130269 PM me if interested. I can take additional photos upon request. $175 $150
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