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Low quality phone pics of initial fit. Forgive the lighting and backdrop. I live in a university dorm. I'm home for the summer in a week, and will update with higher quality photos. As I said, a little tighter than I would like. I'm assuming there will be some stretch.
Just picked up a pair of these at NRML in Ottawa. I went in for a pair of Naked & famous and happened on these. The fit and feel both are both solid. They seem like quality jeans, especially considering the low price tag. I'm assuming there is a little stretch in the material, so I sized down to the point where they are pretty tight. Overall I am impressed. I'll update later with stretch and fade progress.
Okay, thanks guys.I'll check those measurements, and get in touch with Blue Owl later tonight.
Hey guys, Quick question in regards to the weird guy left-hand twill. My measured waist size is ~34. I bought a pair of LHT weird guys last fall, in a size 32. They fit great for a while, but stretched out much more then I was expecting. I am looking at picking up another pair of them this week, and am wondering if you guys have any insight on what size I should aim for. I have heard from a few sources that the LHT fabric has slightly different stretching properties...
Thanks for the reply and the recommendation on the certifications, I would have never realized the value of those.This sounds a lot like my current plan. Stick through engineering in order to pick up the credibility and technical foundation.When you decided to make the jump to the management side of things, was the transition smooth? Would I feel unqualified compared to colleague with business degrees? I am looking at picking up a management minor, but the idea of adding...
Thanks for the reply.Just to clarify, if the tone of the first post came off as a little strange, I was in a slight crisis mode at the time of writing it.In regards to my inability to score top marks. I was diagnosed with ADD ~9 months ago. I have been meeting frequently with a series of doctors in an effort to come up with a working solution to my issues, but have so far been unable to come up with anything solid. My strength seem to come in the form of intuition, or...
Thanks for the reply.I wanted to clarify that I didn't mean to imply that all engineers lacked social skills, simply that I felt mine were stronger then most of my peers. My main question was mostly about weather those skills would compensate for lower grades, and I think I have found my answering.Thanks again,
Hey SF, I am feeling a little lost, and hoping you can help my first a direction. As a preface to this long-winded post, please forgive any error in grammar or structure. Although I generally consider myself a fairly solid writer, I haven't slept in 24 hours, hurray for calculus midterms! I am currently enrolled in first year Computer Engineering. I sort of fell into engineering. I had always been strong in the maths and sciences, and after watching older friends...
Haha thanks for the recommendation, but that's not really what I am looking for.Something that looks a little more like a standard pair of pants is what I had in mind.Does anyone know anything about the N&F Blanket lined? Although I still intend on pursuing the long-johns idea, blanket lined pants sound like the perfect thing for lazy days and early morning classes.
Okay, cool. I'll look into that. Thanks for the advice guys. Anything in particular I should be looking for in thermal underwear? Brands, places to buy .ect?
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