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Thanks for pointing this out! After I read your post, I asked one of our engineers and he confirmed that the search was indeed out of date. We index all posts from scratch after the conversion to the new system but somehow the indexer broke. The engineering team is currently working on it and they said it should be up to date and stable within 24 hours.   I'll test the search tomorrow again to make sure the post-conversion threads are included. Thanks again for finding...
  I think the default sort order ("Relevance") is based on how many times the specific keyword appear in a post. In Advanced Search page, there's an option to change the sort order of the results. (the last dropdown in the page: "Sort Results by") The default sort order is set to Relevance so you can change this to "Update/Posting Date" or "Creation/Thread start date" to see the results in chronological order.   Hope this helps!
Did you try the "post only" search?   You can switch from thread search (default) to post search in Advanced Search page. (under Narrow Results) Is this what you are looking for?
I made Kakiage (mixed tempura) soba last night.     I still have more kakiage left so thinking about making either Kakiage udon (noodles) or Kakiage don (bowl) for dinner today.
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