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Sweet buckle, where to kop?Seriously, consider saving up the money and just getting APCs, Naked & Famous, or something comparable. I finally did, and I was upset it took me so long to make the dive.
I, too, do some powerlifting (yeah Ripptoe!). 31" waist, 24" thighs. I used to do the Levi 559s like OP used to, and yes, they were still relaxed throughout the leg. Recently got some Naked & Famous Weird Guys sized down two inches to 29". They are pretty tight, but I've been told they'll stretch out. Perhaps I should have only sized down 1", but they should fit your build. Also, the low rise on the WGs will help prevent hip flare so you don't look so feminine. I'd...
William & Mary '10
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Is anyone else having problems seeing the pictures? No problem here. I currently have a St. Benedict medallion I will wear (more sentimental than religious at this point in my life), and I'll break out the college ring if the occasion calls for it. I'm open to getting jewelry, but I haven't looked enough yet to know what I want.
Quote: Originally Posted by APK If you don't possess even modest beard growing capabilities by your college years, forget it; ain't happening. +1 I also noticed that as my facial hairs grew thicker, the hair on my crown became thinner. Just saying...
Caved and bought a pair. Got the beeswax ones since I figure they'd be easiest to match and wouldn't raise too many eyebrows at work.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR ... After the initial relaxing period wears off, a purposeless life become boring quickly. It even started to take a toll on my mental health because I was feeling so restless. +1 Been there. What you said sums it up incredibly well (just replace Maury with Judge Judy) OP: This job sounds like the perfect opportunity to give you something to do while you look for another job. Don't plan on staying with...
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