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Aramis today. On me, it's not the sillage beast everyone else seems to complain about. Fairly linear. As it weakened, I started to notice a powdery note to it.
You could probably take them to a cobbler with that picture and see what he says. I recall other users saying that they just got their Clark's DBs resoled with something like that after they got tired of the crepe sole/wore it out.
I liked the Spicebomb. I didn't find it spicy, despite the name, but it had a nice cedar and vanilla drydown on my skin (even though I don't think those are used in it).Today was Paco Rabanne pour Homme. I think I added an inch of hair to my chest. Very "green" scent.
Is that the one in Bologna? If so, I would also like an answer to this question. Ordered some shoes a week ago, and they left Germany this morning.
I've always had good luck with the Cetaphil cleanser and the moisturizer. The bottles last for a long time. The cleanser doesn't lather, so it's kind of weird the first few times using it (and it doesn't really feel as if your skin is clean, but that's because it's very gentle). I don't "know" if it's available in Australia - although Google seems to indicate that it is. Otherwise, I get my exfoliation from shaving. I use a double-edged razor and shaving soap with a...
I just started working at an office that's business casual. At the moment, I only have two pairs of gray wool trousers. They're appropriate for the office, but I would like to get more. What would be some kinds of fabrics that aren't chino?
Posted in wrong thread. Mods, please delete.
Depends on why you need the boots. Like another poster stated, the ones you posted weren't good. It does seem like you're looking for something almost in a workwear style. Please correct if I'm wrong.For a casual boot, the go to around here is Clark's Desert boot. Beeswax is a popular finish. It can be pretty easily found on sale for less than $100.For something more substantial, people recommend the Wolverine 1000 Mile or the Red Wing Gentlemen Travelers. These are...
I'm looking for a mid-weight jacket now that Fall's finally here in VA. Budget's 200-300 dollars. I'm generally wearing APCs, a pair of brown boots, and a button-down. I looked at J. Crew, Land's End Canvass, and L.L. Bean but didn't find anything I liked. Want something in cotton in a dark neutral color, perhaps navy. Some items at A&F (I just know how much love that brand gets around here) looked close to what I want; however the sleeves are too long.
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