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AW 16 starting to drop now
It's a big chunky cardigan, I like the way it fits me, room for a shirt underneath. If you prefer a fitted look then maybe a 48 will fit instead of a 50. I'd give Corniche a call and ask or drop them an email, they are really good in responding to size and stock questions.
Corniche have a couple in stock, orange but not the size you are looking for. I have a blue 52 and it's spot on for sizing.
More pic here also ;
Does anyone have a pair of CONVERSE - Nigel Cabourn Chuck Taylor 70 Ox's ? I was wonder what the sizing was like ? true to size or go up / down a size ? These are the camo versions.
That's really nice, made in the UK too. Not convinced by the price though, £277. I bought a black medical shirt last year which looks very similar and that was £180, so a third more ?
Dream job for someone ?
It does, it looks like a cross between a Taffy and an Everest, thinner and longer.
There's a imbedded video here of AW15 top right (clicky to make biggy) it's a flash vid so can't link directly to it; Lots of things on show.
Yes here, not as much off as Superdenim but still;
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