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Corniche normally do a end/start of year sale, good discounts from what I remember.
A couple of shop reviews, looks interesting layout. Seem to be a little bare of stock though; http://hypebeast.com/2014/9/a-look-inside-nigel-cabourns-the-army-gym-store-in-london http://www.coventgardenlondonuk.com/event/nigel-cabourn-now-open-henrietta-street
Not seen Smith & Morris before. Has anyone noticed thehipstore, as a new stockist. Nothing yet but look like they may be getting some stock.
That's a window pane Mallory from AW10 I think. I had one for a while but didn't like it. It is 100% tweed, fantastic quality. Vey old blog here with more info and pictures; http://coggles.blogspot.co.uk/2009/12/nigel-cabourn-mallory-jacket-and.html
The new site is live, loads of new stuff and you can pre order. http://www.cabourn.com/
Looks good
A few sneak peaks of AW 14 on "the facebook" now. Even a cool pic of Nigel on a Fat Bike, if any bike sums up Nigel it would be a Fat Bike.
A few more pics for you. These are my summer / short Cabourn pieces. Higgson jacket. Not sure if this is the correct name. It's a reversible jacket, maroon ventile on one side and Fox brothers tweed on the other. The cuffs and hem are wool. It's a superb Spring / Autumn jacket, keeps a shower off and the wind out whilst keeping you very warm. Ventile Tweed German Flight Jacket Submarine ventile jacket, from the utility range, probably the first aircraft...
Spring Summer due soon according to END, just had a email from them; We have two North-East neighbours landing at END. Waxwear specialist Barbour drop more pieces from a range of their premium lines while outerwear don Nigel Cabourn preps his SS14 range, due to land very soon!
I remember being aware of Nigel Cabourn for his early 90's sports wear, very "casual", if you know what I mean. I used to go down to London once or twice a year for clothes and I bought two shirts and a sweatshirt from a shop in Covent Garden. Pretty sure it wasn't Nigel's shop because it was opposite the Michiko Koshino shop and that's not the same place as described by others. This was around 91 / 92. I still have them and they have lasted well, but are beginning...
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