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I have the Oak Antique & Brown Country Calf and wear them both casually to smarten up a pair of jeans and formally with either a navy or charcoal suit. I've been really pleased with them since I've got them and the rubber sole means I'm not afraid to wear them in vile weather. A word of caution however, Meermin's dainite sole can be very slippy on wet polished/smooth surfaces (like those in tube stations) almost ended up on my arse at Bank once or twice...
Have you tried measuring some of your shoes? Bare in mind that your foot does not come all the way to the end or width of your shoes
I agree, it seems like a lot of fits are just ignored and then the "golden" posters get all the attention...
Have you tried emailing Meermin with your query, they will get back to you with measurements of the shoe which you can then compare to your Loake's? They will then recommend a size for you which worked well for me! I am normally a 7 and went for a 7.5 in the Hiro Double Monks and Balmoral Boots.Thanks,Nick
Shall we get an MTO?
What are your thoughts on their new single monk, I've noticed they only have it in black at the moment, but have a burgundy MTO, I think it would look lovely in chocolate suede...
Busy week this week so I appologise in advance for some sub-par photos, as always I'd appreciate the feedback!Monday: Quick Snap in Gatwick [[SPOILER]] Tuesday: the Travellodge in Edinburgh was a bit dark! [[SPOILER]] Wednesday: Back in the office! Vietnamese MTM suitThursday: Suitsupply, Meermin & Berg & Berg
Lovely suit Citan, but could perhaps do with the sleeves being shortened a touch. Other than that I like the fit.In terms of the square I'm not sure. I feel like white would work but that's because it works with everything. Perhaps something in the navy family?
Also, can anyone explain why when I quote other people's posts with photos that they are coming out in really low quality?
Are you using a fish-eye lense, the photo proportions are weird. Also it appears that the shirt is too small for you, as the top button is not done up but it is tight at the neck. Can you button it?
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