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Why do you wear your watch on your right hand side, are you left handed?
Dear Naive, Jr., Is there a reason for your circumlocution? Are you using google translate or do you put everyone through such superfluous language when you speak?
What will happen to Harry now the company's becoming a subsidiary? Will he still get his partnership or is that all up in the air now?
It made me chuckle when Sterling was in Don's apartment, saying Cutler won't stop until the firm was just Harry and that computer. All in all a fantastic episode, just gutted we have to wait a year now
Thanks, I'll be sure to check it out when I'm back in London. Cheers Nick
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere in the UK or online that sells or fits buckles onto bag straps? I got this beautiful water buffalo holdall made in Hoi An last summer, however the strap broke (the metal part) and I was wondering where I could get a new metal part for the strap (the leather is fine, it just needs something to link it to the bag). Cheers Nick
I really like this, but I think it would look better without the cardigan. I think it would just flow a little better. Is the jacket from Uniqlo by any chance?
Beautiful suit Coxsackie. Love the fabric
I think there are a few issues here, that rowing blazer looks a little lonely without a tie, moreover, the shirt and trousers are far too close in colour, with the jacket just overpowering everything else.Cheers Nick
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