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Hi gents, I am looking for some help in regards to the Hiro and Elton last, I am looking to buy the Double Monks in Black Calf (undecided - any recommendations would be greatly received) and am unsure whether to get the UK7 or UK7.5, I have a pair of Grenson Brogues in a 7.5/F and some Paul Smith Brogues in a 7 and both fit fine. What size should I go for in the Meermin's? I'm aware this has been discussed but I'm really confused! My feet measure 255m in length and 240mm...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but did something inappropriate happen between Betty and Glenn a few season's back, I'm sure there's a history but I can't remember... Anyway, this episode was much more like the Mad Men I know and love, hopefully this gives an indicator of what the rest of the series will be like.
I have been really disappointed so far, it feels like its moving really slowly. I hope it picks up! I also cannot take Roger seriously with that mustache
Lovely fit as always Victor, but the coat sleeves are slightly too short, it betrays the practical purpose of a coat to have the sleeves shorter than your shirt and/or jacket. The purpose of a coat is to protect you from the elements and if the sleeves are too short then it cannot do this.Cheers,Nick
Spring has certainly sprung in the UK! Details - Corduroy Jacket - Hunter Gather T-shirt - All Saints Jeans - Jack Wills Boots - Timberland
All Saints
Both those trousers you have posted look awful, the colour is not great either and they do not look all that formal. If you're based in the UK Farah Vintage do some nice slim fit chinos that I think straddle the line between formal and casual quite well. Cheers Nick
Beautiful jacket, love the colour. Did you buy it?
Nice suit, deets?
[I am afraid that the same problem strikes again, there is far too much waist suppression in these suits.
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